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Artist Title Album Play Time
Ronnie McNeir Now She's Gone Ronnie McNeir 2014-10-25 9:08pm
Myra Barnes Super Good 2014-10-25 8:58pm
Kool & the Gang Super Band Open Sesame 2014-10-25 8:53pm
Oxygen Party Let's Party 2014-10-25 8:45pm
William DeVaughn Be Thankful For What You've Got (New Version) Figures Can't Calculate 2014-10-25 8:38pm
Fatback Band Street Dance Let's Do It Again 2014-10-25 8:35pm
Royalty Jellie Roll Beat 12 2014-10-25 8:30pm
Jimmy McGriff Pogo's Stick The Mean Machine 2014-10-25 8:23pm
Silver Lining Silver Lining 2014-10-25 8:19pm
Funkadelic Nappy Dugout Cosmic Slop 2014-10-25 8:13pm
Isaac Hayes I Can't Turn Around Chocolate Chip 2014-10-25 8:06pm
The Rimshots Neighbor! Get Your Own Soul Train 2014-10-25 8:04pm
Ike & Tina Turner Bold Soul Sister 2014-10-25 8:01pm
New Process Bus People Theme 2014-10-25 7:46pm
SaQi Spirit's Cradle Quest's End 2014-10-25 7:38pm
Regional Garland Disco Jam Bam Bam Mixed Sugar 2014-10-25 7:27pm
The Original Pinettes Brass Band Baby Finally 2014-10-25 7:25pm
Tondrae Kemp Gangsta Americano Sun Money 2014-10-25 7:15pm
Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers One One One Age of Exploration 2014-10-25 7:10pm
honorable south miami Faithful Brave and Honest 2014-10-25 7:07pm