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Artist Title Album Play Time
bob ferguson no sackie sack 2014-07-23 8:37pm
chimes faded memory 2014-07-23 8:33pm
bobby mitchell you're going to be sorry 2014-07-23 8:24pm
etta james Come What May 2014-07-23 8:24pm
vibes Misunderstood miss Understood 2014-07-23 8:24pm
raymond lewis i'm gonna put some hurt on you 2014-07-23 8:14pm
professor longhair every day every night 2014-07-23 8:14pm
spiders Poor Boy 45 2014-07-23 8:07pm
shirley and lee lee goofed 2014-07-23 8:07pm
smiley lewis rootn and tootin 2014-07-23 8:01pm
tommy ridgley i'm gonna croos that river 2014-07-23 8:01pm
the facts sugar boy crawford 2014-07-23 8:01pm
Willie Tee Teasin You 2014-07-23 7:56pm
Irma Thomas A Good Man Heavy Sugar Second Helping 2014-07-23 7:49pm
Guitar Slim Later for You Baby 2014-07-23 7:48pm
gerri hall i cried a tear 2014-07-23 7:48pm
fats domino if you need me. the very best of 2014-07-23 7:39pm
frankie ford a man only does 2014-07-23 7:39pm
ernie k. doe I cried my last tear 45 2014-07-23 7:39pm
earl king a mother's love 2014-07-23 7:39pm