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Artist Title Album Play Time
Round Trip Woman Round Trip 2014-09-06 7:19pm
Myra Barnes Super Good 2014-09-06 7:12pm
Parlet No Rump to Bump Invasion of the Booty Snatchers 2014-09-06 7:06pm
ADC Band Long Stroke Long Stroke 2014-09-06 7:02pm
Ike & Tina Turner Bold Soul Sister 2014-09-06 6:59pm
Keith Hudson True to My Heart 45 2014-09-06 6:57pm
Eternals Queen of the Minstrels 45 2014-09-06 6:56pm
Errol Dunkley Movie Star 45 2014-09-06 6:48pm
Errol Dunkley Movie Star Piano Version 45 2014-09-06 6:47pm
Marcia Griffiths Feel Like Jumping Feel Like Jumping: The Best of Studio One 2014-09-06 6:42pm
Hopeton Lewis & Hugh Roy Tom Drunk 45 2014-09-06 6:39pm
Stranger Cole & Lester Sterling Bangarang 45 2014-09-06 6:37pm
Hopetone Lewis Take It Easy 45 2014-09-06 6:34pm
Soul Vendors Swing Easy 45 2014-09-06 6:31pm
Hopeton Lewis Sounds and Pressure 45 2014-09-06 6:29pm
New Establishment Rock Fort Rock 45 2014-09-06 6:26pm
Carl Dawkins Satisfaction 45 2014-09-06 6:22pm
Freddie McKay Giving You a Try 45 2014-09-06 6:18pm
Phyllis Dillon ROCK STEADY 45 2014-09-06 6:15pm
Derrick Morgan Kill Me Dead 45 2014-09-06 6:13pm