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Artist Title Album Play Time
Giacomo Gates It's Your World The Revolution Will Be Jazz 2011-11-27 8:45am
Sophie Milman Oh, Look At Me Now In The Moonlight 2011-11-27 8:40am
Shirley Crabbe Detour Ahead Home 2011-11-27 8:35am
George Benson My Cherie Amour Guitar Man 2011-11-27 8:31am
Bob Dorough 'Tis Autumn Just About Everything 2011-11-27 8:27am
Dorothy Doring Nice Work If You Can Get It Southern Exposure 2011-11-27 8:23am
Richard Derwingson Do It All Again Collaborations 2011-11-27 8:18am
Mindy Canter Funny How Time Slips Away Fluteus Maximum 2011-11-27 8:14am
Patricia Barber Snow The Cole Porter Mix 2011-11-27 8:09am
Nicole Henry Embraceable You Embraceable 2011-11-27 8:05am
Ryan Davidson Trio Captain Positive Ryan Davidson Trio 2011-11-27 8:05am
Lisa Maxwell Under A Blanket Of Blue Happy 2011-11-27 7:57am
Andrea Wood Comes Love Dhyana 2011-11-27 7:52am
Mitch Winehouse No More Broken Hearts Rush Of Love 2011-11-27 7:49am
Callie Cardamon When Sunny Gets Blue Easy Street 2011-11-27 7:45am
Sarah Vaughan All I Do Is Dream Of You Sarah + 2 2011-11-27 7:41am
Jeremy Davenport Let's Leave Maybe In A Dream 2011-11-27 7:36am
Maude Maggart My man Look For The Silver Lining 2011-11-27 7:31am
Sarah Vaughan Goodnight Sweetheart Sarah + 2 2011-11-27 7:27am
Dave's True Story Misery Unauthorized 2011-11-27 7:23am