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Artist Title Album Play Time
John Sheridan's Dream Band The Christmas Blues Hooray For Christmas! 2012-12-09 8:49am
Colin Farish, Bob Phillips, Eddie Erickson & Friends Mrs. Claus Christmas Time Is Here 2012-12-09 8:46am
Connie Evingson The Secret Of Christmas The Secret Of Christmas 2012-12-09 8:39am
Eartha Kitt with Henri Rene & His Orchestra Santa Baby 20th Century Masters: The Christmas Collection 2012-12-09 8:36am
Louis Armstrong with The Commanders 'Zat You, Santa Claus? 20th Century Masters: The Christmas Collection 2012-12-09 8:33am
Frank Sinatra Christmas Memories Christmas Memories 2012-12-09 8:31am
Banu Gibson Christmas On The Bayou 'Zat You, Santa Claus? 2012-12-09 8:26am
Dinah Washington Ole Santa Under The Mistletoe 2012-12-09 8:23am
Lou Rawls Merry Christmas Baby Under The Mistletoe 2012-12-09 8:20am
Audrey Malone and Michael Evans Who's That A Holiday To Remember 2012-12-09 8:17am
Audrey Malone and Michael Evans 'Twas The Night A Holiday To Remember 2012-12-09 8:13am
Diana Panton December Christmas Kiss 2012-12-09 8:08am
Eddie Russo Gesu Bambino A Mandolin Christmas 2012-12-09 8:04am
Jesse Cook When Night Turns To Day The Blue Guitar Sessions 2012-12-09 8:00am
Carrie Wicks No Place To Fall Barely There 2012-12-09 7:53am
Tessa Souter Baubles, Bangles And Beads Beyond The Blue 2012-12-09 7:50am
Roberta Donnay Empty Bed Blues A Little Sugar 2012-12-09 7:44am
Wave Mechanics Union Wonderous Stories Further To Fly 2012-12-09 7:39am
Pamela York A Mighty Fortress Is Our God Lay Down This World 2012-12-09 7:35am
Steve Allen Autumn Is Single 2012-12-09 7:31am