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Artist Title Album Play Time
the radiacs Do bad things 2014-10-31 3:11pm
I Hear Voices 45 2014-10-31 3:06pm
tav falco's panther burns Snake Drive 2014-10-31 3:02pm
the trashwomen dragula 2014-10-31 2:57pm
jack hammer & the pacers black widow spider woman 2014-10-31 2:55pm
bobby bland Saint James Infirmary 2014-10-31 2:52pm
gil scott heron Me And The Devil true blood soundtrack 2014-10-31 2:49pm
southern culture on the skids the tingler blues 2014-10-31 2:43pm
Kip Tyler She's My Witch 2014-10-31 2:41pm
les claypool robot chicken 2014-10-31 2:40pm
gene simmons the lizard man 2014-10-31 2:37pm
The Revels Dead Man's Stroll 2014-10-31 2:30pm
werewolves on wheels the born losers 2014-10-31 2:27pm
unknown artist house on the hill 2014-10-31 2:25pm
Dr. John Loup Garou 2014-10-31 2:21pm
zacherle Halloween 2014-10-31 2:18pm
unknown unknown surf instrumental 2014-10-31 2:16pm
bessie smith the haunted house 2014-10-31 2:12pm
maya angelou tamo 2014-10-31 2:10pm
red solvine phantom 309 2014-10-31 2:07pm