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Artist Title Album Play Time
Harold Johnson Sextet Baila Cinderella Everybody Loves a Winner 2014-07-31 5:39pm
Bunky Green Let Me Go Latinization of Bunky Green 2014-07-31 5:32pm
Bobby Pauneto Why Is Woody Sad Modern Sound of 2014-07-31 5:27pm
Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers The Groover Saffron and Soul 2014-07-31 5:24pm
SCAM Sotab Netiuga Es On 45 2014-07-31 5:23pm
Chelo Vasquez The Preacher 45 2014-07-31 5:17pm
Rolls Royce & the Wheels Afro A Go Go 45 2014-07-31 5:14pm
Karkey at the New Hammond Work Song 45 2014-07-31 5:12pm
Salah Ragab Egypt Strut 45 2014-07-31 5:07pm
Dorothy Ashby Soul Vibrations Afro-Harping 2014-07-31 5:05pm
Dave Pike Mathar Noisy Silence Gentle Noise 2014-07-31 5:00pm
Leonard King & the Soul Messenger The Barracuda 45 2014-07-31 4:55pm
Blue Mitchell Soul Village Blue Mitchell 2014-07-31 4:53pm
Lou Rawls A Natural Man 45 2014-07-31 4:45pm
Herbie Hancock Bring Down the Birds Blow Up Soundtrack 2014-07-31 4:44pm
Joe Thomas Group Comin Home Baby 45 2014-07-31 4:40pm
Herbie Mann & Tamiko Jones Sunny A Man and A Woman 2014-07-31 4:38pm
Brother Jack McDuff & David Newman Sunny Double Barrelled Soul 2014-07-31 4:37pm
Galt Macdermot Let the Sunshine In Up From the Basement 2014-07-31 4:27pm
Reuben Wilson Back Out Love Bug 2014-07-31 4:18pm