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Artist Title Album Play Time
Sun Ra Discipline 27-II Discipline 27-II 2014-07-22 10:17pm
George Jenkins & his All-Stars G.J.'s Drums CD - The Best of Plas Johnson 2014-07-22 9:58pm
Johnny Winter Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 2014-07-22 9:55pm
Lightnin Slim Too Close Blues 2014-07-22 9:53pm
Jerry Jones Ice Cube 2014-07-22 9:51pm
Johnny Winter Eternally 2014-07-22 9:49pm
Little Walter Fast Large One 2014-07-22 9:45pm
Johnny Winter as 'Texas Guitar Slim' Crazie Baby 2014-07-22 9:42pm
Johnny Winter I Can't Believe You Wanna Leave 2014-07-22 9:38pm
Fats Domino Yes My Darling 2014-07-22 9:38pm
The Five Keys Stop Your Crying 2014-07-22 9:34pm
Johnny Winter Ease My Pain 2014-07-22 9:27pm
Irma Thomas Live Again 2014-07-22 9:25pm
The Royals 5th Street Blues 2014-07-22 9:22pm
The Destinations Valley of Tears 2014-07-22 9:22pm
Sugar Chile Robinson Caldonia 2014-07-22 9:16pm
The Cardinals Lovely Girl 45 2014-07-22 9:12pm
Young John Watson Gettin Drunk 2014-07-22 9:09pm
The Insight (Johnny Winter) Out of Sight 2014-07-22 9:07pm
Ronnie Bennett Traveling Mood 2014-07-22 9:04pm