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Playlist for April 02, 2011 from 12:00AM - 3:00AM

Current New Orleans Time: Sun, 2:05am

Playlist Date & Time: 4/2/2011 12:00AM - 3:00AM

Program: Blues in the Night with Jamie Dell'Apa

Special Show Blog Post: Mating Parade



Mating Parade


It's a recurring fantasy in so many songs.   A parade of romances passing through your life.  Autobiographical for me?  Nope.  I recall girls fleeing from me and bruises from being poked with a ten-foot pole.  


Perhaps autobiographical for musicians?  Maybe but nothing more poetic than Ron Haydock's 99 Chicks:


I got 99 chicks knockin' down my door

198 eyes … it's just my luck not a one of them I want …


The women seem more thoughtful, more like the Marvelette's, Too Many Fish In The Sea:

There are short ones, tall ones, fine ones, kind ones...

Too many fish in the sea...


My favorite lyrics are always those that are so lame that even a kazoo player with a phone book could become a song writer.  Songs like The Redcoats' Girls, Girls, Girls:


Judy, Jean, Ann, Sue

Girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls

Linda, Joan, Lynn, Pat, Mary, Gail Jill

Girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls

Donna, Jane, Kate, Ruth, Debbie, Sally, Frank (what?), Clair

Girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls

Nancy, Amy, Lee, Julie, Connie, Jan, Sammy, Betty

Girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls


That's it. The entire lyrics.



We've also got music from The Contours and Jerry Reed to help winnow down these huge lists.  Unfortunately, these guys contribution to Western Civilization is at the level of Eric Weber's classic cassette tape, “How to Pick Up Girls."


Not that the rest of the show's gonna be much higher brow as we'll riff on the Jimmy Dean song, Big Bad John and Jean Knight's, Mr. Big Stuff with a series of answer songs like;


Big Jess(ie Helms)

Big Chief Hug-Um An' Kiss-Um

Don't Big Shot Me,

Mr. Big Wheel,

I'm Too Tough for Mr. Big Stuff


As always, collectors music and sound clip interstitials from the trash cana of Americana including the first recording of disk jockey Sly Stewart (later to be known as Sly Stone) singing the surprisingly good dance instruction song, “Scat Swim.”  


Music for the post-culture vulture crowd. No artifacts or music provenance rants.  No hipper-than-thou contests.  On Saturday night in New Orleans?   Most of my audience has always been drunk.   


A post-script: 

Ah crap.  This idea didn't work very well so I dropped it by 1am.  It sure had a good mating parade video though...  


Playlist Tracks

Sly Stewart
Scat Swim

Clothes made of zippers in the drying cycle

Bobby Freeman
The Swim

Here's the dance I'm doing in the studio every time this song comes on:



Jimmy Durante
The Swim

Rev Billy Wirtz
Big Jess

For all those pinch-faced guys who yell at us during Mardi Gras, what if next year we decide to protest your lifestyle by traveling to your neighborhood and having Mardi Gras?
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