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Playlist for April 24, 2010 from 12:00AM - 3:00AM

Current New Orleans Time: Sun, 11:40am

Playlist Date & Time: 4/24/2010 12:00AM - 3:00AM

Program: Blues in the Night with Jamie Dell'Apa

Special Show Blog Post: The Roots of New Orleans Music

When you're out at the clubs or Jazz Fest you hear that first time traveler to New Orleans exclaiming how, "This New Orleans music just sounds different" and they're right.  Like the rest of our culture, we not only developed our music separately from the rest of the US we seemed to be preoccupied with our music.  

Tonight, we'll explore those pioneers of that New Orleans sound.  No, not one of those boring lectures about who musically begat whom.   Not on Saturday night.  The drunks who call into the station and later crash into their neighbor's car wouldn't stand for anything but something that captures the mood of the first Saturday night of Jazz Fest.  As always, we'll have plenty of topical themes and sound clip interstitials between songs to catch the entire range of long and short attention spans.  


Themes like:

Kookamunger songs

Junco Partners

and more as the night goes on....



Box Score

 70 Selections over

120 Minutes for an average of one selection every

1:50 or about 50% of the radio sound barrier of one selection every minute.  What happens if I can play an average of one selection per minute?  Will the radio tower melt?   Will I create a static electricity charge and emit lightning?  Will your brain pan break?

30 Minutes - length of the delay in broadcasting Big Sam

2 Minutes of delay from me figuring out how to pot up the live cast

1 Number of buttons I had to push

15 Number of times I pushed the wrong button. 

0 Number of prostitutes outside my house

0 Number of mosquitos I've seen or felt since the freezes



Complete audio selections:


Wanna watch me make spit bubble next show the…

Cara id 

Bush Jamie is boring

Here is mr know it all

One More Time The Best Of Spinett Records Bobby Lonero

Look Out Miss James Get Out Of The Car Berry, Richard

We don't need badges

Route 90 Clarence Garlow

badges, no stinking badges 

My Old Car The Definitive Collection Lee Dorsey

We don't need no stinking badgers

Hootchy-koo Here's Larry Williams

Gal From Kokomo Good Rocking Tonight - The Best Of Roy Brown Roy Brown

What were dealing with here is a failure to accumulate

The Girl Form Kooka Monga New Orleans Popeye Party Tommy Ridgely

What we're dealing with is a complete failure to co… 

She's A Kookamunger (Nice Talkin' To You Bzaby) Sam Butera & the Witnesses

Junker Blues Champion Jack Dupree

tngbadge Star Trek SFX

I'm a dr not a bricklayer Star Trek Bones

Preacher's Daughter The Best Of Spinett Records Roland Stone

I'm a dr not an engineer Star Trek Bones

Junco Returns From Texas To new Orleans Wayne, James "Wee Willie"

I'm a doctor not a pool man <star trek>

Country Fool Showmen

He's dead jim and his brain is gone Star Trek Bones

Gettin' Plenty of Lovin'  Esquerita

Holland And Hamburg NOLA Keyboard King (The Blues Collection … James Booker

Take It Easy, Greasy The Cosimo Matassa Story Bobby Charles

Shirley The History Of John Fred & The Playboys John Fred & Playboys

Matilda Super Soul Blues - Volume 2 Cookie & The Cupcakes

Rattlesnake  Rusty & Doug Kershaw

Jur'e Blues Costume Party Lynn August

Verdie Mae Sea Of Love Phil Phillips & The Twilights

Watch It, Sprocket Bobby Charles

Gayten's Nightmare Paul Gayten

Comin' Over Shirley & Lee

No such thing as safe tribble Star Trek Bones

beam us up Star Trek Captain Kirk

message coming in Star Trek Uhura Nicelle Nichols

Go On Fool Smiley Lewis Vol 2 Smiley Lewis

Bad Luck Blues Smiley Lewis Vol 2 Smiley Lewis

Fabio intro _and I'm very interested in what make …

Scorched Varetta Dillard


sex men lie women tell truth

Have Love, Will Travel The Best Of Rhythm & Blues Vol. 3 Berry, Richard

I'm repelling those Im trying to seduce 

It Hurts To Be In Love 2:45 King R&B Box Set Vol. 3 Annie Laurie

No No No Bobby Mitchell

klaatu The Day the Earth Stood Still Michael Renny

I Got It Made (In the Shade) Alton & Jimmy

klaatu instructions The Day the Earth Stood Still Michael Renny

Uncle John New Orleans Rock 'n' Roll Party Byron Gipson

impatient with stupidity The Day the Earth Stood Still Michael Renny

So Glad You've Mine The Cosimo Matassa Story Charles "Hungry" Williams

brilliance, sheer brilliance 

choice is simple The Day the Earth Stood Still Michael Renny

O Baby Please New Orleans Rock 'n' Roll Party Earl Williams

Dance With Me Henry Earl Palmer:World'S Greatest RnR Drummer Etta James

Crawfishin' Clarence Garlow

Frog Legs Creole Kings Of New Orleans Lloyd Price

Wanted 10,000 Reward Absolutly The Best Ernie K-Doe

Let her have it no prob 

Sukey,Sukey,Sukey 1.Imperial Sessions (Bear Family CD) The Spiders

I was just making some popcorn Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Fred Rogers

Wonderful Popcorn Plas Johnson with Rene Hall

The Untouchables The Del-Fi & Donna Story Rene Hall



Playlist Tracks

Bobby Lonero
One More Time
Richard Berry
Look Out Miss James
Clarence Garlow
Route 90
Lee Dorsey
My Old Car
Larry Williams
Hootchy Koo
Roy Brown
Gal From Kokomo
Tommy Ridgley
The Girl From Kookamunger
Sam Butera
She's a Kookamunger
Roland Stone
Preacher's Daughter
Wee Willie Wayne
Junco Returns
Country Fool
Gettin' Plenty of Lovin'
James Booker
Holland and Hamburg
Bobby Charles
Take It Easy Greasy
John Fred and the Playboys
Cookie and the Cupcakes
Rusty and Doug Kershaw
Lynn August
Phil Phillips
Verdi Mae
Bobby Charles
Watch It Sprocket
Smiley Lewis
Go On Fool
Smiley Lewis
Bad Luck Blues
Varetta Dillard
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