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Playlist for March 15, 2010 from 12:00AM - 3:00AM

Current New Orleans Time: Sat, 12:30am

Playlist Date & Time: 3/15/2010 12:00AM - 3:00AM

Program: Blues in the Night with Jamie Dell'Apa

Special Show Blog Post: Jungle Boogie

Jungle Boogie


Why are there so many songs about the "jungle?"  Hundreds of songs from country and western to disco and every style in between. Jungle songs?   Imagine oooga boogas, oongowas, monkey and elephant noises and way too many Tarzan yells all put to music.  

There couldn't be this many musicians who's spent anytime in a jungle so what's their motivation?  

Hell, I don't know and I don't want to flunk my own Ink Blog test by guessing.   But there is plenty of good music about the jungle from folks like - Screaming Jay Hawkins, Bo Diddley, Snooks Eaglin, Guitar Slim, Dave Bartholomew... you know the usual Saturday midnight to 3am crowd of musicians.

As always, interstitial audio clips between songs from the trash-cana of American.   Think of dialog clips from the corniest TV shows to ever decay the culture - George of the Jungle, Tarzan, Mogali, Commander McBragg, Wednesday Munster and Mr. Ed.   Mix and match 'em with each other and the music and we'll supply enough inadvertent messages to break the brain pans of conspiracy theorists for years.   


P.S.  We'll also continue our two year string of trying to break the radio sound barrier of one selection per minute over a three hour show.  At 180 SPM the radio tower may fall, your radio may melt or I could spontaneously combust.  


We'll also show those namby-pamby big babies like Glen Beck how to do real radio.  Yeah - I said it.  Glen Beck wears a seat belt in the radio studio.  


Box Score for Tonight's Game:


87 Selections over 150 minutes for one selection every 

1.66  Minutes (0.667 too slow to break the radio sound barrier of

1.00 Average selections every minute over a three hour show

66 Songs

21 Interstitials (This is where I fell down - need at least

2:1  Interstitials to song ratio to beat the radio sound barrier.  Excuse time:

20 Hours of driving from Baltimore to New Orleans in the 

  2 Days before the show

14 Number of times Vic called to tell me about her bourbon drinking night

  2 Number of e-mails from Vic

  1 Number of e-mails questioning my sanity for continuously ranting about songs including the word "tater" in the lyrics.  Come to think of it, that rant initiated Vic's calls.

  0 Number of prostitutes outside my house when I got home

  6 Number of people in the post-show bar at 4am

 24 Number of people in the same bar at 5am (this is the social equivalent of water running up hill).

  0 Number of statistics provided by Emergency Room Kevin in Bardstown 

  2 Groups of six people stopped me to comment on my University of Northern Colorado shirt (on the ten minute walk from my house to WWOZ)

  0 People ever mentioned the shirt in the three years before tonight.

  5 Pledges came in during Sam's show last week.  That's impressive for the 3am to 6am shift. 


Playlist complete with interstitials:


Cara id 

Bush Jamie is boring 

The Darling Of The Okra Strut Super Great Music For Modern Lovers! The Tin Men

Atom Bomb   Glen Barber

Jaguar Hunt <jungle noises>   Crew

Zebra Jungle Exotica [Strip] Youngsters

You wig wearing rhesus monkey 0:02

Watusi Freeze pt. 1 <jungle> Big Walter & the Thunderbirds

get that monkey off our backs 0:03

Wild Man Walk Jungle Exotica [Strip] Ebonnettes

I don't make monkeys I just train em 0:03

Oasis Jungle Exotica [Strip] Majestics

b-monkey 0:08

African Echoes Kovac's Collection Kovacs, Ernie

Conga Twist Jungle Exotica [Strip] Revels

apes somewhere better than man 0:05

Jungle Run Jungle Exotica [Strip] Pastels

A planet where apes evolved from men 0:03

Isis Jungle Exotica [Strip] Megatons

take your stinking paws of me you dirty ape 0:06

Monkey Walk Various - The Lavender JunglE Jerry Warren

apes whole insane 0:02

Africa Speaks <speaking> Bo Diddley

Bo Diddle In The Jungle  Scary Songs King, Tommy

Apes because youre man 0:04

African Jive Laughing in Rhythm: Slim Gaillard

apes madhouse madhouse 0:06

Ooh-Diga-Gow <jungle sounds drum>  Cecil Young Quartet

Apes idiocy 0:10

Umgowa Twist <jungle dance>  Jimmy Ricks & the Ravens

apes kiss goodbye 0:13

Congawa! Jungle Exotica [Strip] Zirkons

elephant2 0:01

Watusi Zombie Jungle Exotica [Strip] Davis, Jan

Able On<monkey and jungle sounds>  Eddie Seacrest

tarzan yell 0:03

Tarzan 2:19 Jungle Exotica [Strip] Del Saints

Jungle, T Jungle Exotica [Strip] Diablito

Oh Father, what are we, Cannibals 0:03

Jungle Hop Born Bad Kip Tyler

Another tape of sounds 0:06

Jungle Safari Jungle Exotica [Strip] Nocabouts

Christmas in the Congo  Marquees

parental discretion violent content 0:03

Congo Mambo 2 Guitar Gable

On this job you will be shot at 0:03

Congo  Bo Diddley


matureaudiences 0:03

carstart 0:03

Congo Cab Calloway (1935-1940) Calloway, Cab

Hey Stella 0:03

Feast Of The Mau Mau Repeating Echoes - The Best Of Screaming Jay Hawkins

Attention kmart shopper blue light 0:03

Don't Wanna Leave the Congo  Jungle Exotica [Strip] Valiants

Lumumba The Best Of Spinett Records Snuffy Smith

Stranded In The Jungle Rock 'n' Roll Bell Ringers Jimmy Leyden 

Please Help <stranded in the jungle The Dukays

Tape will disavow 0:07

Yabba! Jungle Exotica [Strip] Hully Gully Boys

Jungle Fever Dick Dale & the Del-Tones

Rockin' in the Jungle <tarzan cheeta> Eternals

11 See You Soon, Baboon _ Bobby Charles?

Don't Monkey With Tarzan Get A Board The Pygmies

tarzan Credit WFMU Sonny day and the rare breed -

Tarzan New Orleans Popeye Party Lee Tillman

Cheeta Out Of Nowhere Snooks Eaglin

Cheeta ( Harry & the Choco-Diles

Gorilla <monkey> Scary Songs Convy, Bert

King Kong  Jungle Exotica [Strip] Tarantula Ghoul & The Gravediggers

I Go Ape < Greasy Rock'N'Roll Vol 10 Various Artists

Willie The Weeper Western Swing & Country Jazz Swift Jewel Cowboys

Georgia Slop The Mercury Recordings Jimmy McCracklin

Lost In The Ozone Too Much Fun: T Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen

The Hipster's Blues - Harry (The Hipster) Gibson Harry "The Hipster" Gibson

Flipsville Great Rockin' Girls Vol.2 Stormy Gayle

Bad Motorcycle 1 Storey Sisters <with Wild Jimmy Spruill>

Is It True Andre Williams

Madhouse Ow Ow Ow Barrence Whitfield & Savages

Detour Sentimental Journey 79 Spade Cooley & his Orchestra

Hippy Hippy Shake   Chan Romero <Rene Hall arrange and guitar, Car…

Boney Maronie Very Best Of Ritchie Valens

Bad Boy Creole Kings Of New Orleans Larry Williams <rene hall guitar>

Cruisin' The Humbler: Live Danny Gatton & Robert Gordon

Te Ni Nee Ni Nu Hip Shakin' (Disc 2) Slim Harpo

Boom Boom  The Cosimo Matassa Story The Barons 

Playlist Tracks

Tin Men
Darling of the Okra Strut
Super Great Music For Modern Lovers
Glen Barber
Atom Bomb

A perfect song - contains all the magical lyrics:

Tater (as in "...tater patch...),

Hound dog,

Atomic bomb,

Hiding in my cave, 

Top those lyrics Leonard Cohen! 



Jaguar Hunt
Jungle Exotica

Taking a great deal of music off tis Jungle Exotica release. See above playlist for specifics

I love this band's one-word lyric for this song; Zebra.  Another great lyric is on this Youngster song (made for my always drunk Saturday after midnight listenership):



Big Walter and the Thunderbirds
Watusi Freeze
Wild Man Walk

Not much for the video but the poster's comments fit into the show's theme:

Ernie Kovacs
African Echos
Kovac's Collection

With the success of Ernie Kovac's Nairobi Trio, his agent saw gold in this pure "jungle song."  Out came the autoharp for the first and only jungle song that used the autoharp.  


As I think of it, the only other autoharp pieces I know are folk music and Pharoah Sanders ... I think it was Sander's great Thembi album.   Maybe even the musical introduction to the title cut.  



Conga Twist

Another big fan of the Revels:



Jungle Run
Jerry Warren
Monkey Walk
Bo Diddley
Africa Speaks
Tommy King
Bo Diddley in the Jungle
Scary Songs

Love this record player:



Slim Gaillard
African Jive
Cecil Young
Ooh diga Gow
Jimmy Ricks and the Ravens
Umgowa Twist

From the youtube notes on the band:


The Ravens were an R&B vocal group. They were formed in 1945 by Jimmy Ricks and Warren Suttles. They were structurally similar to The Ink Spots, especially in their combination of high tenor (Maithe Marshall) and deep bass (Ricks), but their material was more varied, including elements of pop, jazz, R&B, and gospel styles.

Although they had excellent lead tenors (Maithe Marshall, and later, Joe Van Loan), the Ravens primarily existed to showcase bass singer Jimmy "Ricky" Ricks. In this, they were so successful, that Ricks' voice became the standard against which every rhythm and blues bass was measured for the next generation. It is not an exaggeration to say that every aspiring rhythm and blues singer with a low voice wanted to sound like Ricks. His voice was so deep and rich, however, that few even came close; no one surpassed him. In spite of this, the Ravens had few chart hits, although they were very popular at appearances.

The group's greatest successes were in the late 1940s, including covers of "Ol' Man River" (1947) and "Count Every Star" (1950). They had continued success into the 1950s, but Suttles left the group in 1954 and Ricks in 1955. The group continued on for some time thereafter, with various changes in personnel, but it was never as successful or influential as before.

Ricks went on to a solo career, and was the vocalist for the Count Basie orchestra. He died on July 2, 1974.

The Ravens were inducted into The Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 1998. 



With an introduction that isn't from the Zirkons but should be:



Jan Davis
Watusi Zombie

Having good luck finding these songs for the playlist:


Eddie Seacrest
Able On

Seacrest had some chops:



Del Saints

I believe the Del Saints also backed up Dion. See below (under Diabilito):



The Jungle

A video with Dion and the Del Saints:



Kip Tyler
Jungle Hop
Born Bad

Jungle Safari

From the youtube comments: 50's Belgium R&B Rock band doing R&B novelty tune.  Here 'tis:


Christmas in the Congo

A band that could turn out novelty lyrics:


Guitar Gable
Congo Mambo

You know the New Orleans guys always stand out in sound:


Bo Diddley
Ah! Congo

Like Oh! Calcutta?
Cab Calloway
Screaming Jay Hawkins
Feast of the Mau Mau
Repeating Echos the Best of Screaming Jay

With Henry:


Don't Wanna Leave the Congo
Snuffy Smith
The Best of Spinnett Records

Jimmy Leyden
Stranded in the Jungle
Rock n Roll Ringers
The Dukays
Please Help
Spazzy Answer Songs

Answer song to the Stranded in the Jungle
Hully Gully Boys
Dick Dale and the Del Tones
Jungle Fever

Will be playing at the Howlin' Wolf this Wednesday night.


Rockin' in the Jungle
Bobby Charles
See You Soon Baboon

Uncredited artist - sure sounds like Bobby
The Pygmies
Don't Monkey With Tarzan
Get a Board
Sonny Day and the Rare Breed

Credit WFMU
Lee Tillman
New Orleans Popeye Party

Snooks Eaglin
Out of Nowhere
Black Top
Harry and the Choco-diles
Cheeta (Teach Me How To Monkey)

Yep, I did try this dance step in the studio.
Bert Convy
Scary Songs

So you don't believe me about the man you associated with Password.  Here 'tis:




King Kong
Tarantula Ghoul and the Gravediggers
I Go Ape
Blossum Dearie
Moonlight Savings Time
My New Celebrity is You

Guess what time it is. (Besides topical song time.)


From a Jack Parr show performance:


Washboard Rodeo
Sadie Green (that tramp from New Orleans)
Willie the Weeper
Swift Jewel Cowboys

I think Washboard Rodeo and Swift Jewel Cowboys have a very similar sound.
Jimmy McCracklin
Georgia Slop
The Mercury Recordings
Commander Cody
Lost in the Ozone
Too Much Fun

This is a scream. Who screwed up the billing on this? Jerry Lewis, MS kids and Commander Cody? Ed McMahon even mispronounces Commander Cody's name.



Harry "The Hipster" Gibson
The Hipster's Blues

Stormy Gayle
Great Rockin' Girls

You'll love the poster's rant that accompanies this video:



Storey Sisters
Bad Motorcycle

Their classic was Bad Motorcycle with Wild Jimmy Spruill on guitar but this Cha Cha Boum highlighted their great voices:



Andre Williams
Is It True
Barrence Whitfield
Spade Cooley

Oh boy!  A historic version of that cliche' "...we quit being violent so we could..." " music..." "" "...costume..." etc...
Chan Romero
Hippy Hippy Shake
Ritchie Valens
Boney Maronie
Very Best of

Larry Williams
Bad Boy
Creole Kings of New Orleans
Danny Gatton and Robert Gordon
The Humbler: Live

From a Baltimore club that often books New Orleans acts, the 8X10. I've spent many a night there seeing the greats including Danny Gatton:
Slim Harpo
Te Ni Nee Ni Nu
Hip Shakin'
The Barons
Boom Boom
Cosimo Matassa Story
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