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Playlist for September 20, 2009 from 12:00AM - 3:00AM

Current New Orleans Time: Tue, 9:42am

Playlist Date & Time: 9/20/2009 12:00AM - 3:00AM

Program: Blues in the Night with Jamie Dell'Apa

Special Show Blog Post: ????? Riddle Me This ??????

Riddle Me This



We are all taught to speak and write in the active voice.  Say what you mean and directly address the subject matter.  Keeping with the backwards traditions of Saturday night's drunk drive time shift, tonight we present songs and quotes that don't directly address anything, instead they ask a question.  

Oh you big baby, don't reach for the TV remote and give up on this theme.  New Orleans greats Lloyd Price and Allen Toussaint lead the league in these songs and Fats Domino, Little Sonny Jones, Dr. John and so many others put out some of their finest music under this format.  

But the real fun is hearing sound clips of familiar quotes between these songs that are also in the form of a question.  Quotes like:

Attorney Welch breaking the witch-hunt with "Senator McCarthy, have you no shame?"

Travis Bickle's haunting "You talkin' to me?"  

Or more onto the spirit of Saturday night, "Klink, what is going on here?" and "Ahhhh, what's up doc?"

Maybe The Riddler and originators of Jeopardy were onto something. 


Okay to make it more interesting we'll string the selections together into a story progression.  Well maybe just a miserable sequence of 16 songs starting with: 

The "jilted lover" subtheme and placed within the criminal law context:

1.   Where were you?  The reasonable suspicion / probable cause questioning.

2.   How long has this been going on?  Arrest and evidence gathering for prosecution.

3.   Who do you love?  Asking for an impartial adjudication. 

4.   Where were you?   The discovery and cross examination.

5.   The final miserable acts of drunk dialing and unanswered calls

Then our descent gets worse as a private matter become a public act out: 

1.  Intoxicate yourself as if this will fix anything

2.  The bar fight

3.  The subsequent court appearance


This story is getting too miserable for a Saturday night.  

Pull yourself together.  Read a bit of philosophy and put your trouble in context by listening to songs about, "What is Success, Happiness, and Love?"  (Toussaint, Prima and Hank Ballard.)  Then get some self-respect with a new hairdo via Hank Ballard and Ted Hawkins songs about natural hair dos and with your appearance fixed, find some direction by asking yourself, Where Ya At Mule?  Where You Going Sapphire? and Where Yat? until you find the the Right Place (Dr. John, The Upsetters, Lloyd Price and The Royal Lancers).


Box Score


85   Selections

82   Ending is a question mark

  3 Prostitutes hanging around my house

  3 Times Lyle Lovett called in requests

 10 Total Lovett requests

  2 Requests fulfilled

  0 Of his requested recordings

100% Embarrassed over my library


Interstitial sound clips by:


Rocket J. Squirrel, Madeline Kahn, Tony Randal, Wallace Shawn, Sarah Palin (I love the sound of her interstitials), Elvira, Homer Simpson, Austin Powers, Spock, Willie the Groundskeeper, Bones, Groucho Marx, Clocky, Boris Badenough, Beaver Cleaver, Bugs Bunny, Paul Lind, J. Jonah Jamison, Travis Bickle, Peter Griffin, Butch Cassidy, Marvin the Martian, Kliiiiink!, Attorney Welch versus Senator McCarthy, and more



Playlist Tracks

Blue Lu Barker
Where's Joe?

Link is to Blue Lou's one and only. I couldn't find a Blue Lou link...
Dr. John
How Come Your Dog Don't Bark When I Come Around?
Goin Back to New Orleans

Link is to a tipsy Alex Trebek.
Snooks Eaglin
Is It True?
Complete Imperial Recordings

Start at 00:50 for the top ten Riddler riddles.
Andre Williams
Is It True?

Link is to a nice production featuring Andre.
Barrence Whitfields
Is It True?
Ray Charles
How Long Has This Been Going On?
Roosevelt Booba Barnes
How Long This Must Go On?
Mean Old World
Bo Diddley
Who Do You Love?
Bo Diddley
Brenton Woods
Where Were You?

A great Louisiana talent who, surprisingly, is now most associated with Southern California and his sound has been adopted more by Mexican ex-pats than us folks in Louisiana. (However, we loved his show at the 2005 Ponderosa Stomp.)
Fats Domino
Where Did You Stay?
They Call Me The Fat Man
Lloyd Price
Where Where You On Our Wedding Day
Greatest Hits

Link to Lloyd singing personality. The next link under Ocie is what Lloyd planned before he made this wedding song.
Ocie Stockard and the Wanderers
What's The Matter With The Mill?
Western Swing and Country Jazz

See above comment
Lucky Millinder
Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well?
Apollo Stomp

Link is to Lucky Millinder with Whitey's Lindy Hoppers and others dancing. Oh, just click on this link and see the best video... so far.
Harry The Hipster Gibson
Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine?

Harry's soundie is exactly what you'd expect but we gotta do more than one of the Hipster. See the next link.
Dave Bartholomew
Who Drank My Beer While I Was In The Rear?
Cosimo Matassa Story

More Harry the Hipster.
Jeff Beck and the Big Town Playboys
Who Slapped John?
Crazy Legs

That great Jeff Beck album where Beck replicates Gene Vincent's Be Bop a Lula. The quality of Beck's imitation is such flattery.
Dee Dee Gaudet
Where's The Law?
Hot Boppin' Girls

Another Gene Vincent clip (along with a very young Dick Clark).
Little Richard
Oh Why?
Specialty Sessions

Little Richard from one of those cheesy movies built around the musician's performances. Check out the band.
Allen Toussaint
What Is Success?

Like my musical hero, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Allen Toussaint always recognizes his musical ancestors and is happy to play tribute to these greats. It is so much more refreshing that demanding tribute to oneself.
John Fred and the Playboy Band
What Is Happiness?
With Glasses - The Very Best of

John Fred playing his classic, Judy in Disguise.
Louis Prima
What Is This Think Called Love?
Louis Prima Orchestra

It was one of the great media pairings of all time, Louis Prima and Disney's Jungle Book. This link brings it alive.
Hank Ballard
How You Gonna Get Respect?

Ballard's performances were usually pretty classy but classy in 1969 doesn't translate any better than my high school hair style.
Ted Hawkins
Who Got My Natural Comb
Watch Your Step

There is a Ted Hawkins documentary floating around the internet somewhere - I just can't find it so we're stuck with an audio link of this great singer.
What'd I Say?
Surfin With The Astronauls
Sir Lord Jim and the Piccadilly Squares
What Is A Wholly Booly?

Link is the answer song to Sir Lord Jim's song. A top three video link for the night. The musicians are obvious visuals but also check out the women who don't move throughout the performance. The exact opposite visual role of almost every woman in a video.
Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers
What'd I Say?
Dr. John
Where Ya At Mule?
The Sun, Moon and Herbs

The other video link of the night - Mac singing Where Ya At Mule while riding a mule through the streets of New Orleans.
Lloyd Price
Where You At?

Another Mac video from the same time period when he was in the role and even scaring Screamin Jay Hawkins.
The Upsetters
Where You Going Sapphire?
Greasy Rock and Roll
The Royal Lancers
Is This The Place?
Hasil Adkins
Is That Right?
Dee Jay Jamboree - Chicken Walk

Trailer to a Hasil Adkins documentary. You can watch most of the documentary (in pieces) on youtube.
Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks
Where's The Money?
Blue Thumb Years
Blue Thumb
Richie Havens
What About Me?
Bread and Roses Concert

1974 television appearance where Havens doesn't sing Freedom.
Terry and the Pirates
What Did He Say?

Another Dan Hicks link to the classic Hot Licks band of 1972
Candye Kane
Why'd You Have To Say That L Word?
Home Cookin

I'm crazy about Candye Kane's music but also her social activism work on behalf of women. I once saw her blast some bionic-beauty television interviewer who couldn't fathom Candye's position that women's self worth should not be based on beauty. The irony was more beautiful than all the genetics and work that made up the shallow interviewer.
Allen Toussaint
Am I Expecting Too Much?
Allen Toussaint
What Do You Want The Girl To Do?

Performing Southern Nights
? and the Mysterians
96 Tears
96 Tears

This band's performance at the Ponderosa Stomp is reputed to have changed AJ's life forever.
The Thunder Rocks
What's The Word?
Fats Domino
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?
They Call Me The Fat Man
Les Paul and Mary Ford
How High The Moon?
Fifties Collection

With this hit song, Les Paul also defined the "proper" sound of his invention - the electric guitar.
Eddie Reynolds
What Was It?
Extremely Rare Originals

Unrelated link is to James Booker.
Big Boy Myles and the Shaw Weez
Who's Been Fooling You?
Cosimo Matassa Story

Another Booker link.
What Is This I See?
The Zaks
What Kind of Man?
Greasy Rock and Roll
Frankie Lee Sims
How Long?
4th and Beale
Little Sonny Jones
Is Everything Alright?
New Orleans R&B Gems
Lloyd Price
Have You Ever Had The Blues?
Greatest Hits
T Valentine
Hello Lucille, Are You a Lesbian?
Little Sonny Jones
Don't You Hear Me Calling You?
New Orleans R&B Gems
Little Sonny Jones
Do You Really Love Me Baby?
Lloyd Price
What's The Matter Now?
Sugar Boy and the Cane Cutters
What's Wrong?
Bob Wills
What's The Matter With The Mill?
Big Boy Myles & The Shaw-Wees
Who's Been Fooling You?
Creole Kings of New Orleans
Sister Rosetta Tharp
What Is The Soul Of A Man?
The Original Soul Sister
Dale Vaughn
How Can You Be So Mean To Me?
Loud, Fast, and Out of Control
Dave Bartholomew
How Could You?
Dave Bartholomew 1955-62
Baby Ray and the Ferns
How's Your Bird?
Aaron Neville
Who Will Buy?
Nature Boy
Lloyd Price
Where You At?
Creole Kings of New Orleans
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