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"You Hear Me Talkin' to Ya?"

Steve Pistorius aboard the Steamboat Natchez
Steve Pistorius aboard the Steamboat Natchez
Part 1:

Part 2:

Whether you’re doing the Mississippi Slow Drag or the New Orleans Shuffle, you’re in the right place. During the program, we’ll be exploring music from the 1920s, when Blues and Jazz were musically closer with Luke Winslow-King, and then continue on into the 30s and 40s where they grew into more distinctive forms with Steve Pistorius and His Southern Syncopators.  There’s also a stop at the St. James Cheese Company for a Beecher’s Cheddar and smoked Turkey sandwich. 

For our NOATWL web audience, we took our exploration of New Orleans music through the decades one swing further, into the 50s when R&B music started buttering up the dance floor. We spoke to Hazel Addison, who has spent 79 years living and dancing in New Orleans. She tells us about how New Orleans took the Lindy Hop - Jazz's 8 count darling - and made it its own. Here's Hazel with the birth of New Orleans' Jamaica Swing:



Thanks to groups like the Nola Jitterbugs, there is a vibrant swing dance scene here in New Orleans. A course in Jamaica Swing is in the works so "our New Orleans dance" is not forgotten.

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