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Yeah, You Right: John "Papa" Gros

John Gros

In our "Yeah, You Right!" interview series, we toss 20 rapid-fire questions at some of the New Orleans music scene's brightest stars. Some of their answers will surprise you, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

Fresh off his amazing performance at the Bayou Boogaloo's B3 Summit with fellow organists Rich Vogel and Joe Krown, John "Papa" Gros had some time to participate in our weekly 20-questions session. The leader of one of New Orleans' most successful funk bands, Papa Grows Funk, John is known for his juicy B3 grooves and flair for keeping crowds shaking their butts everywhere from Uptown to the Far East. Here's the inside scoop on one of the Crescent City's funkiest.

Q: Crystal or Louisiana Hot Sauce?
A: Neither... just cook it right.

Q: Zapp’s or Tater Tots?
A: Zapp's.

Q: Mint Julep or Hurricane?
A: Mint Julep.

Q: Beach or pool?
A: Beach.

Q: Concert hall or nightclub?
A: Nightclub.

Q: Congo Square Stage or Acura Stage?
A: Congo Square.

Q: iTunes or Louisiana Music Factory?
A: Lousiana Music Factory.

Q: Wynton Marsalis or Lil’ Wayne?
A: Wynton.

Q: Aretha or Mahalia?
A: Aretha.

Q: Samuel L. Jackson or Will Smith?
A: Samuel L. Jackson.

Q: Lost or the Food Network?
A: The Food Network.

Q: The Daily Show or CNN?
A: Neither.

Q: Facebook or MySpace?
A: Facebook.

Q: TV or radio?
A: Radio during the day and TV at night.

Q: Books or magazines?
A: Books.

Q: SUV or Prius?
A: SUV — you can hook a trailer with a B3 up to it.

Q: 1970s or 80s?
A: 70's.

Q: NBA or NFL?

Q: The Godfather or the Godfather of Soul?
A: The Godfather — it's not personal, it's just business.

Q: French Quarter or Uptown?
A: French Quarter.

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