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WWOZ/Angola Prison Music Project Needs CDs

Sirvoris Sutton (deejay Shaq of KLSP)
Sirvoris Sutton (deejay Shaq of KLSP)

WWOZ has an ongoing Music Project with KLSP-91.7 FM, the Angola Prison radio station where all the deejays are inmates. 

We are currently collecting quality CDs that we will deliver to Angola later this month.

KLSP plays Contemporary Jazz, all types of Blues, Country, Gospel, old and Contemporary R and B.  They don’t play Rap, Bounce or Hip Hop. 

If you would like to contribute used CDs in good condition for this project, and want to hand deliver them, please bring them by Friday, April 19th, to

Attn.: WWOZ Angola Music Project
French Market Building, 2nd Floor
1008 North Peters
New Orleans, La. 70116

If you wish to send them by mail or UPS, Fed-Ex, etc., be sure it will arrive no later than April 19th and address the package to:

Attn.:  WWOZ Angola Music Project
P. O. Box 51840
New Orleans, La. 70151-1840

CDs donated to Angola Music Project must come through WWOZ and cannot be shipped directly to the prison --- we have been pre-approved to do the collection and processing by the prison administration.

Help keep the music scene strong at Angola.


KLSP is the only FCC licensed radio station to operate from within a prison by inmate disc jockeys.  Although KLSP, known as the "Incarceration Station," operates at 100 watts, it reaches over 6,000 people (staff, inmates and visitors).  KLSP, a non-commercial station, has been entertaining and educating its listeners since August 12, 1986.

There are over 5,000 inmates in Angola Penitentiary and 85% of them will never leave the prison's 18,000 acres.
Prison officials desired a way to communicate to all the inmate population at once, especially when emergency information had to be conveyed.  A radio station appeared to be a solution to this problem.  KLSP has been able to both inform the inmate population by allowing prison officials the ability to address them at once and give the Angola community non-stop music, educational and religious programs.
According the prison: "Most importantly, it’s the enjoyment the men can receive through music. In a place where they must always remain, music can make their time seem less hopeless."
If you have any questions, contact Jelly Roll Justice at
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