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WWOZ Cookbook

New Orleans food

During Jazz Fest, WWOZ celebrates two of the senses that give our city soul — food and music. We’re creating a cookbook of recipes from local New Orleans musicians. We want our local musicians to be part of the excitement by submitting their favorite recipes for the cookbook.

The recipes could be something passed down through the generations — Parrain’s gumbo, Nanan’s pralines, Mama’s shrimp and okra — or something that that one of our great local musicians came up with on his or her own.

Proceeds from our cookbook sales will help keep the groove alive at WWOZ and support music education in New Orleans. Local musicians can ensure the success of the cookbook by submitting their recipes now. If you are a local musician and would like to submit your recipes, please download the Cookbook Submission Form and email a completed form to

» Download Cookbook Submission Form [MS Word]
» Download Cookbook Submission Form [PDF]


There's no draw on crying

There's no draw on crying over spilt milk, or in this case pureed carrots. Jessica Seinfeld, , wife to the famous actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld was being sued for plagiarizing a cookbook. Lucky for her the courts threw out the lawsuit stating that you can't trademark mashed vegetables. Our world we live in is sad when it comes to people suing over things like the recipes that are in cookbooks. I understand if they have some secret ingredient or way of cooking that was not common knowledge to any decent cook before the book, but when it comes to the basics that our Mothers may have taught us as kids, there is no way to trademark that. The fact that Jessica is famous and the person suing her probably was hoping to settle out of court and make a quick buck probably had nothing to do with it at all.

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