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Farewell Uncle Lionel, We Love You

We at WWOZ are deeply saddened by the loss of Uncle Lionel and we have are sending our prayers to his family.  

Uncle Lionel would was without a doubt the most dapper musician in New Orleans.  Whether he wasn't out and about with the Treme Brass Band, his hat tipped to the side, or strolling through the Quarter, cane in hand and quite likely a three piece suit. He was a true gentleman and an ace musician.

Remember Uncle Lionel with our little photo and share your memories of him with the worldwide community of Uncle Lionel fans and admirers.


Get Well Uncle Lionel!

We miss you..........please get well very soon!


Prayers for Uncle Lionel

Thoughts and prayers for Uncle Lionel from Lowell, MA. Your music has given me much joy and pleasure over the years. It picked me up when I was down and I appreciate it. We are with you Lionel. Best wishes.


Best wishes and positive spiritual/physical vibes to Uncle Lionel. He is an ace musician and wonderful guy. Lots of joy to lot of folks. A New Orleans treasure. Yeah, you right! Rock on, Unc.....All our best from North Carolina.

Uncle Lionel

We had a lot of great times playing together in the past. I am proud to say I learned a lot from a great man and musician. Thank you for being my mentor. My prayers are with you.
Your Friend,

love and strength to you!

I hope I'll pass you again on the streets soon and we'll touch or hats in salute.

When I returned from the flood

I was lost and bereft of so many simple touchstones - friends, faces, sounds. And then one day I saw Uncle Lionel walking down the street in his stately fashion, nattily dressed, watch on hand. We said good day, and it was. Be well soon.

Mr. Lionel Batiste

I have often seen Mr. Batiste walking, interestingly enough near Armstrong Park/Congo Square. Always the dapper gentleman, just the sight of him never fails to lift my spirits. National treasures live forever.

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