Save Public Broadcasting

WWOZ Engineer Damond Jacob, WWOZ Show Host Marc Stone, and Major Bacon

On February 19, Continuing Resolution H.R. 1 was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, cutting all funding of public broadcasting, funding which supports over 1,300 public radio and television stations. This resolution will be passed onto the Senate, where it will come under review, and either be passed or vetoed.

What does this mean for WWOZ? We are funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which is one of the major organizations that disperses federal funding for public broadcasting. While the largest portion of our operational budget comes from the support of dedicated members, we do receive funding from the government.

But what does this mean for you? If you ever tune in to programming like "Sesame Street" on PBS, "All Things Considered" on NPR, New Orleans' own "American Routes" from American Public Media on WWNO, or the programs produced by WYES like "Lost Restaurants of New Orleans," you know that public broadcasting is culturally enriching, informative, and exciting. And as an 'OZ listener, you know that public broadcasting can be fun, traditional, contemporary and down right funky.

The programming that we all love is about to disappear.

So 'OZilians: From New Orleans and Louisiana, from the United States, and all of Planet Earth (and the Universe) put on your letter writing hats and stand up and be counted. The folks at 170 Million Americans For Public Broadcasting have set up an easy way to contact your U.S. Senator, but we are pretty sure that calling their offices and turning up WWOZ in the background is just as good a way to get in touch.

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