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Who Dat Singin' 'Bout Dem Saints?! 2010

Drew Brees holding the Lombardi trophy in 2010(photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Drew Brees holding the Lombardi trophy after the Saints' 2010 Superbowl win (photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

If you live in New Orleans, you've probably got the bug for the New Orleans Saints! Especially since a certain quarterback broke a record during the 2011-2012 season? Now we mourn the NFC Playoff loss with all the Who Dats around the world.  But let's congratulate them for making the divisional play-offs during their record breaking season, and cheer on the Black & Gold for 2013 when Super Bowl XLVII will be in New Orleans!



Check out our Saints fight songs and videos and remember all the good times with the Black and Gold! Oh, and don't forget to vote for Drew Brees as NFL MVP!

Click on the song titles to listen. Use the comments section below to add any we might have missed, and check out even more Saints songs at


Best All-Time Fav Fight Song!!

As a native of New Orleans, displaced by "Katrina" and now living in Seattle WA, I want to suggest that the Saints adopt as their official theme song or rally tune the well-known popular favorite "When the Saints Go Marching In".

This song offers the Saints the unique combination of an authentic expression of local New Orleans musical talent, as it was performed by 2 native New Orleanians - Fats Domino and Louis Armstrong, and its lyrics are an evocation of typically New Orleans sociocultural sentiments, or our 'joie de vivre' evinced in our Mardi Gras traditions and French Quarter party scenes. This song is a unique fit for the Saints team as its title already features "Saints". Additionally, this song adds an inimitable cachet and readily usable marketing advantage to the Saints team brand.

I suggest the Saints hold a public press conference, with adequate advance publicity given to all local and international media, to announce this theme song program and generate more fan interest (and ticket & merchandise sales) for the team.

I also suggest you get this song adopted immediately as the Saints anthem for use in the SuperBowl this year. This tune should be played prior to the start of each game as the fans arrive at the Dome, when the Saints enter or leave the field during the game, whenever the Saints score in a game, and at the conclusion of each game as the team and the fans exit the Dome. The Superdome TV screens should display selected lyrics from this song each time the tune is played to encourage and enable all the fans to sing along, in unison and with gusto, and thus constitute the largest sports indoor "chorus" (possibly to qualify for the Guinness Book of Records in this category) in time for the NFL playoffs in January 2010.
And, of course, Tom Benson can do his trademark "Benson Boogie" to this tune quite well.

I hope you will seriously consider this suggestion for the Saints theme song and implement it in time for the upcoming playoffs in the Superdome.

Sincere Thanks,
HJC, Jr.

new saints song

i've penned the poignant"Drewbreesiana 2010."

we haven't recorded it yet (we will today), but Beth Patterson will likely be performing it tonight and tomorrow at Cafe Negril (7-10pm show;-).

Dixieland SAINTS Superbowl Song ! ( second line w/ TUBA ! )

A Dixieland Second Line SAINTS SUPERBOWL Song.....WHO DAT!!! :=)
for free download:

Bruce "Buscoyo" Bellott
Bruce Bellott was born and raised in New Orleans. Steeped in the culture and tradition of Cajun music and New Orleans jazz, he began writing songs and performing in the area while raising a family and building a successful business. All was right in his world up until August 2005, when the wrath of Katrina came ashore. In a matter of a few hours, everything that he had worked for his entire life was gone forever.
Displaced like thousands of others by the storm, with his few remaining possesions, he made his way to Nashville, TN. in a 94 Chevy Astro van he won in a raffle at the "Louisiana Chicken Festival" with his last $5.


Dats da name of my song, sent from a 28-year season ticket holder and Nashville musician. We got a bunch of Music City WhoDats been watching games together for years and years.
The band is called Delicious Blues Stew. The tune can be found at
or on the Times-Pic Saints songs site.
Or we hope some of the WWOZ folks will play it. I sent 'em some rekkids!


see y'all in Miami next week. Then home for Mardi Gras. Somebody's gotta play Mardi Gras for the displaced WhoDats in TN!

Black and Gold

Reggie, let’s get ready
Pierre, I know you care
Breeze, don’t ch’a freeze
Saint’s -let’s- go- all- the- way
Black and Gold
coming to save the day
For the city
it’s a spiritual awakening
a sanctified undertaking
I say Who dat, Who dat
Who dat say I can’t use that word
You can’t stop
Who dat nation from being heard!
Before it was Katrina,
that dealt for us a wild hand to heal
It’s all a testament to our courageous will
In the high-rise
we’re gonna have crime and disruption
But in the sidelines
we gonna cause an eruption
I say… Who dat, Who dat
Who dat say
dey gonna beat
dem Saints!

Bobby Toomer

I am sending you this poem I wrote because of the love I have for my city with everything that is sweet and sour. Also, it has taking me by surprise of how much camaraderie and togetherness that arisen by the citizens with the achievements of the Saints. Therefore, I am sending out my poem to
reach all corners of the Who Dat Nation to express artistically my appreciation for the Saints and a job well done. Also, to relish in this historic moment of Saintsmania and to help feed the belly of the spirit that helps us heal from wounds of a stormy past. Everybody knows we are most deserving of this opportunity to participant in the 44th Annual Super bowl Game.



FOR BOOKING CONTACT 225 368 5919 OR 318 451 7437


New Saints Fight Song

This is my new favorite NO Saints song!!!
Prepare to get your Second Line on!!!

Good One for the Super Bowl Festivities

I wrote this one for anyone that wants to see the Saints win it all:

Drew Cooke's "The Legend of St. Breesy"

or at

Thank You and Bless Them Boys!

Fred and Lauren Saints Go All the Way

Three video versions of this remix of Sly Fox's Let's Go All the Way hit. Check them here

that is

Look for the Fleur de Lis

Saints Irish drinking song for the Who Dat nation!

Listen or download here:

Say Who (Black & Gold)

Hot, hot, hot new SAINTS song.

New Saints Song

A song for the Saints and the city...

Wrote it 16 years ago when I moved away. Someone asked when would I move back. I said "when the Saints win the Superbowl."
Have a listen. It's a VERY old song but I still believe...

Say Who, Blcak & Gold

I am Who-Dat for life. Currently living in Atlanta. I wrote this song and my beautiful baby girl is tearing it up. It is our time!
Have a listen: "Say Who (Black & Gold"

Coincidence or Destiny

This will be the 44th Superbowl

Barack Obama is the 44th President

Christmas is 44 days after the Superbowl

The Saints franchise is 44 years old

The Saints won the NFC Championship game in 4 minutes and 44 seconds into overtime

Can you say Who-Dat forty-four times...

Saints in Da' Pocket, (Da 12th Man on Da' Team Song)

We Da' 12th Man on Da' Team
We Da' Defense Noise Machine
When Da' Ball is on Da Line
That's a when we Huu' Dat's Screeeeeam !

All U' men bring Yo' Huu' Dat' Gal
All U' Ladies bring Yo' Huu' Dat' Guy
Everyone Card carrying Registered Member
of the Huu' Dat' Special Gang

Got Da' Saints in Da' Pocket
Keep Da' Saints in Da' Pocket

Saints in Da' Pocket !, Huu' Dat' Huu' Dat ! Coming soon @ your Music Store.

Sr. Gasolina

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