New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

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Jazz Fest 2008 Thank Yous

It takes an army of volunteers, staff and experts to produce the WWOZ broadcast, man the hospitality tent, produce Piano Night and create our live internet coverage. There are many to thank and though we’ve done our best, we’re sure we’ve missed some of the valuable contributors to our successful Jazz Fest 2008. We love you all and truly could not have done it with out each and every one of you!!

The Broadcast Krewe:

Andrew Grafe, Keith Hill, Your Cousin Dimitri, Willard Jenkins, Dennis Schaibly, Mark Hawkins, Sondra Bibb, Charles Burchell, Bob French, Lisa Barrios, Dave Dauterive, Missy Bowen, Robyn Loda, the Problem Child, Laura Dedelow, Bob Carroll, Khalid Hafiz, Jenny Lawson, Sean Eib, Terry Hseigh, David Kunian, Bill Berry, George Ingmire, Dan Fitzgerald, Luis Williams, Christopher Bairnsfather, Alayne Gobeille, Olivia Greene, Linda Santi, Al Laskey, Dwayne Breashears, Damond Jacob, Dee Lindsey, Scott Borne, Tony Guillory, Fred Goodrich, David Freedman, Marlene Wadsworth, Carmen Conner Post, Peggy Lou, Lisa Kavanaugh and many others. Black Ops Rule.

The Membership/Brass Pass Krewe:

Elisabeth Migliore, Molly Cobb, Crystal Gross, Nicole Martin, Stacey Morigeau, Mary Lambert, Roy Lambert, Brad Holderness, Noah Suzar, Dianna Barbeau, Leita Barnes, Thomas Rogers, Donna Bertucci, Jessica Jones, Jan Janz, Estelle Fromentin, Michelle Bergeron, Mike Bergeron, Erin O’Connell, Lyn Brantley, Ruth Marinello, Sam Brantley, John Titsworth, Lisa Bacques, Merisa Pasternak, Barbara Stoufflet, Etienne Stoufflet, Robin Marks, Tommy Webb, Linda Santi, Diana Maier, Celia Krebs, Anne Marie Hesson and many more.

And Crystal Gross, WWOZ’s Membership Director, wants to send a special thanks to Elisabeth Migliore for her dedication to WWOZ (you are truly a Guardian of the Groove!), and a very special thanks to Molly Cobb, WWOZ’s new Membership Assistant.

The Hospitality Tent Krewe:

Eugenia Adams, Danny Albert, Jeanette Albert, Carolyn Albins, Hillary Albins, Lori Anderson, David Averbuck, Patti Averbuck, Lisa Bacques, Leita Barnes, Karen Beem, Roger Bemus, Ian Cockburn, SherriLynn Colby-Bottel, Lu Dalton, Yvonne Eres, Mike Forester, Lew Gaiter, Gwyn Garrison, Fernando Giordano, Eva Hankston, Don Hargrove, Michael Hornsby, John Keenan, Keeley Keenan, Michael Kennedy, Clarissa Koederitz, Yordunka Koleva, Mary Lambert, Elizebeth Lichtman, Greg Manion, Stacey Morigeau, Grace Perrine, Diane Plauche, Kimberly Pollard, Liberty Rashad, Eather Reynolds, Roy Roberson, Linda Santi, Anastacia Shimek, Mea Shimuzu, Juli Sholar, Trey Sholar, Peter Spring, Amy Stewart, Noah Suzar, John Titsworth, Ayanna Toney, Kataya Urquhart, Steve Walden, Monica Watcham, Chris Wells, Nancy Wells, Celita Wolfe, Nola Woodlanda, Wanda Jacob, Deirdra Johnson, Shammeia Crisler, Roynell Breashears, George Lafarge and many more!

The Piano Night Krewe:

Celita Wolfe, Chris Wells, Claudia Demestre, David Averbuck, Diana Maier, Don Hargrove, Don Kellar, Elmore Verlander, Elyse Hacket, Gordon Cagnolatti, Greg Manion, Hillary Albins, Jeannie Adams, Juli Sholar, Karen Beem, Leita Barnes, Lew Gaiter, Linda Santi, Lori Anderson, Lu Dalton, Margaret Lancaster, Mary Kellar, Matt DeVitt, Nancy Wells, Noah Suzar, Pam Cameron, Patti Averbuck, Peggy Lou, Peter Spring, Sandra Humbel, Skip Cameron, Robyn Loda, Maryse Dejean, Monica Landry and many others!

WWOZ Piano Night Cuisine Partners:

Crescent City Brewhouse, GW Fins, Jacques-Imo’s Café, Le Croissant D’Or, Martinique Bistro, Matt & Naddie’s Restaurant, ONE Restaurant & Lounge, Prejean’s Restaurant, Rosy’s Jazz Hall, and Whole Foods Market.

The Web Krewe:

Glenn Pearl, Celia Sinclair, Jacques Morial, George “Loki” Williams, Hild Creed, Pat Jolly, Steven Kovalesky, Marie Bower, Troy Thibodeaux, M. Styborski, Guillermo Cabrera, Tom Morgan, Ariana Hall, Milena Merrill, C4Tech & Design, Becky Cierpich, Will Kirchheimer and Ian Johnson. A big thank you to all of the staff and interns that worked with us throughout Jazz Fest 2008. Thanks to and!

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