Takin' it to the Streets - Past Events

Valley of the Silent Men Second Line Parade

Sun, Aug 23, 2015
3:00pm - 7:00pm

Valley of Silent Men
Social Aid & Pleasure Club

30th Year Anniversary
Sunday, August 23, 2015
3:00p.m. sharp!!

Dedicated to our beloved members Leon Anderson, Sr. & Larry Mazent Herbert

START: Tapp's Lounge, 2800 South Rocheblave St.

Down Washington Ave to S. Claiborne Ave. Left turn on Claiborne to Jackson Ave. Right turn on Jackson Ave to:

STOP: Kings Fashion 2811 Jackson Ave

Out Jackson Ave to Willow St. Left on Willow to MLK Jr Blvd. Right turn on MLK towards Simon Bolivar Ave. Continue down Simon Bolivar to Jackson Ave. Right on Jackson to Freret:

STOP: Furious Five S&P Club, Corner of Jackson Ave and Freret St.

Up Freret to Philip St. Right turn down Philip St to (pause) 2600 block of Philip St. dedicated to Mr Leon Anderson Sr. Continue down Philip out to Magnolia. Left turn to First St. Continue up First to Baronne St. Right turn on Baronne to Second St. Right on Second to:

STOP: Sportsman Corner, 2433 Dryades St.

Out Second to Danneel St. Left turn to (slight break) Uncle P's Barbeque. Up Danneel to Louisiana Ave. Right turn on Louisiana to

STOP: Single Men S&P Club, Corner of Louisiana Ave. and Loyola Ave.

Out Louisiana to Lasalle St. Right turn continue down to:

STOP: Diva's and Gents S&P Club, Corner of Washington  Ave and Lasalle St.

Continue down Washington to Magnolia. Right turn down Magnolia to Third St. Continue up to:

STOP: Bam Bam Sister's House 2427 S. Robertson St.


QUEEEN 2015: Janice Riley

TROLLEY GUESTS: Mr. Leon Family Trolley/Second Line Jammers



“This parade is supported by the Norman Dixon, Sr, Annual Second Lind Parade fund. Jazz & Heritage Foundation. Special thanks to New Orleans Police Force, Mayor Mitch Landrieu, all of our supporters and friends, and especially the ones giving us stops along the route.”


Uptown Swingers

Sun, Jun 28, 2015
3:30pm - 7:30pm

Uptown Swingers

June 28, 2015

Line Up: 3:15
Start: 3:30


Parade Begins at 4622 Loyola St. (Make Right at Valence St.)

Valence St. to Magnolia St. (Stop at 3454 Magnolia)

Magnolia St. to Amelia St. (Make Right at Amelia St.)

Amelia St. to Freret St. (Make Left at Freret St.)

Freret St. to Louisiana Ave. (Make Right at Louisiana Ave.) 

Louisiana Ave. to LaSalle St. (Make Left at LaSalle St.)

LaSalle St. to Harmony St. (Make Right on Harmony St. Stop at 2238 Harmony to pick up Lady Swingers)  

Harmony St. to Loyola St.(Make left on Loyola St.)  

Loyola St. to Washington Ave. (Make Right on Washington Ave.)

Washington Ave. to Dryades St. (Make Left on Dryades St.)

Dryades St. to Second St. (Stop at Sportsman Lounge - Toast Queen)

Second St. to First St. (Make Right on First St.)

First St. to Baronne St. (Make Right on Baronne St.)

Baronne St. to Washington Ave. (Stop at Verets Lounge - Make Right on Washington Ave.)

Washington Ave. to Magnolia St. (Make Right at Magnolia St.)

Magnolia St. to Jackson Ave. (Make Left at Jackson Ave. — Stop at 2811 Jackson Ave. Kings Fashion)

Jackson Ave. to Claiborne Ave. (Make Left at Claiborne Ave.)

Claiborne Ave. to Washington Ave. (Make Right at Washington Ave. - Stop at Tapps Lounge and Foxx's Lounge)

Washington Ave. to Dorgenois St. (Make Right at Dorgenois St.)

Dorgenois St. to Erato St. (Make Right at Erato St.) 

Erato St. (Stop at Galvez St & S. Prieur St. - Make Right at S. Prieur St.) 

S. Prieur St. to MLK Blvd. (Make Right on MLK Blvd.)

MLK Blvd. to S. Galvez St. 

Disband at S. Galvez St. 




Uptown Swingers Interview

Perfect Gentlemen Father’s Day 2nd Line

Sun, Jun 21, 2015
2:00pm - 6:00pm

Perfect Gentlemen Social & Pleasure Club
Dignified Achievable Men Social & Pleasure Club (DAM)


June 21, 2015
Formation 1:30pm
Start 2:00pm

DAM 2015 Queen Tiyana Landry

Start: Tapp's Bar
Up Washington Ave to S. Claiborne Ave
Left turn n S. Claiborne Ave to Jackson Ave
Right turn onto Jackson Ave.

(King's Fashion)
Proceed up Jackson Ave. to Simon Bolivar Ave

(CIA Ladies Social & Pleasure Club)
Proceed up Jackson Ave to Brainard St
Right turn onto Brainard St. make quick left onto Baronne St. and proceed up Baronne St to Second St. Right turn on Second St. to Dryades St.

(Sportsman Ladies @ 2nd and D)
Proceed up Dryades St. to Danneel St. left turn on Danneel St. proceed up Danneel to Washington Ave. Left turn on Washington Ave proceed up Washington Ave. to LaSalle St.

(Girlz on Fire Social & Pleasure Club)
Proceed up Washington Ave to Magnolia St right turn on Magnolia St to Second St.

(Teddy's Hole in the Wall)

Special Thanks to:
“The lord our God” – NOPD – Norman Dixon – Ms. B
Women of Class S&P – CIA Ladies S&P – Sportsman Ladies S&P – Girlz on Fire S&P


Interview with Travis Lyons of Perfect Gentlemen

"Action" Jackson and Travis Lyons, President of the Perfect Gentlemen SA&PC

Single Ladies (Rescheduled from April 12)

Sun, May 31, 2015
1:00pm - 5:00pm

The Single Ladies parade was originally scheduled for April 12. It has been rescheduled for Sunday, May 31.


Single Ladies Social Aid & Pleasure Club Annual Parade

Special Guest
King of Kings (KOK) Social Aid & Pleasure Club 

Sunday, April 12, 2015 

Start Time 1:00 P.M. Sharp!!! 
Formation Time: 12:30 P.M. 

Start: Fox Lounge, Washington Ave. & S. Rocheblave Street 

Out Washington Ave. to right on S. Dorgenois Street right on M.L. King to S. Prieur 

Stop: Single Men 

Out M.L.K. to S. Liberty Street, right on S. Liberty Street to 

Stop: 1614 S. Liberty Street: Tribute to Norris, Mike, and Teron Crawford 

Continue out S. Liberty to Felicity Street, left on Felicity to Simon Bolivar, right on Simon Bolivar to Jackson Ave., right on Jackson to Magnolia Street, left on Magnolia to Second Street
Stop: Teddy's Bar & Classy Ladies Club 

Continue out Magnolia to Washington Ave, left on Washington to LaSalle Street 

Stop: Prince of Wales SAPC & Electrified Ladies Club 

Right on LaSalle to Delachaise Street, left on Delachaise to Dryades Street 

Stop: Gladstone Bar 

Left on Dryades to Second Street 

Disband: Sportsman Corner 

Toya, Nicole, Deedv, Sharline, Ernestine, Cocoa, Kelani, Kentrell

King Of Kings 2015 Queens: 
Molly Mckinney, Landa Evans, Kiele Miles Johnson, and Shannon Larry 

Music By.: 
Hot 8 & TBC Brass Bands 

Special thanks to the Norman Dixon Foundation, N. O. Taskforce, Family, Friends  and Everyone Who Have Supported Single Ladies for 18 Wonderful Years. Please Leave Your Guns, Attitude, Dogs, Pets and Violence Elsewhere. Enjoy!!!