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'OZ Nation: Let's Rebuild Haiti

WWOZ's heart is full of sadness and compassion for the millions of individuals and families affected by the massive earthquake that devastated Haiti on January 12, 2010.

This is still a disaster in progress, and we strongly encourage the entire ‘OZ Nation to choose one of the ways listed below to help Haiti rebuild, including attending local New Orleans-area benefits. 

Please use the Comments section at the bottom of this page to help us build our list of ways to help Haiti through this crisis.

Haitian child after the earthquake; Ivanoh Demers/AP

How To Help

Donate to charities online 


WWOZ asks members, listeners, and fans all over the world to consider donating to one of the following charities:

Haitian Association for Human Development

Hope for Haiti's Children

Wyclef Jean's

You can find out about many more charities on the excellent Google Disaster Relief page. The page also provides continuous news updates on relief efforts.

Haiti Relief Events In Greater New Orleans

Below is a continually updated list of Haiti relief benefit events in the Greater New Orleans area. Please use the Comments section at the bottom of this page, or email to add more to our list.

Benefit Concert for Relief Assistance in Haiti

Friday, January 29, 6 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church

Local musicians Amanda Wadsworth, Peter Cho Trio, Vickie Thomas, Sheila McDermott, Steve Waddell, and many more will perform a benefit concert for Haiti at First Presbyterian Church (5401 S. Claiborne in New Orleans). All musicians are donating their time. Monetary donations will go to Doctors Without Borders and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

For further information contact Rev. Jayne L. Ruiz or Cheryl Roberts at (504) 866-7409 or e-mail

Help Pack Supplies for Haiti

Friday, January 29, 9 a.m. at Community Book Center

If you are available for a minimum of one hour on Friday, January 29, please go to the Community Book Center (2523 Bayou Road, New Orleans) between 9am and 4pm to help sort and pack medical supplies, food, and clothing for the Haitian relief effort. Also, If you have packing tape, and extra boxes, please bring them with you.

Clean Warehouse for Hope for Haitian Foundation

Saturday, January 30, 9 a.m. at 3101 N. Derbigny

The Hope for Haitian Children Foundation needs your help to clean the warehouse that will store donated supplies until the containers can be shipped to Haiti. The cleanup effort takes place on Saturday, January 30, between 9am and 5pm. The warehouse is located at 3101 Erato near N. Derbigny in New Orleans. For more information, please call Jameelah at (504) 427-2132.

Help AHDH Pack Medical Supplies

Friday, January 30, 9 a.m. in LaPlace, LA

The Haitian Association for Human Development (AHDH) is asking for your help in LaPlace this Friday, January 29, from 9am until to pack medical supplies scheduled for shipping to Haiti. For more information on this urgent request please call WWOZ at (504) 568-1239 or (504) 568-1238.

Frenchmen Street Benefit for Doctors Without Borders

Sunday, January 31, 12pm at Cafe Negril AND Spotted Cat

Donations taken at the door of both clubs will go to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti disaster relief. Bracelets will be available for entry to both clubs, and there will be free food.

24 bands will play, including: Soul Project, Sunpie Barnes, Jazz Vipers, New Orleans Moonshiners, Cottonmouth Kings of New Orleans, John Lisi & Delta Funk, Higher Heights, Jamey St. Pierre & the Honeycreepers, Jerry Jumonville, Dominic Grillo, Washboard Chaz, Margie Perez, Panorama Jazz Band, Loose Marbles, Dave Gregg, Meschiya Lake, Smoky Greenwell & the Blues Gnus, and many more!

Horns for Haiti New Orleans Benefit Screening & Potluck

Sunday, January 31, 5pm at The Maison

A pot luck dinner and a documentary screening of "The Other Side of the Water" will take place this Sunday at the Maison on Frenchmen Street. This documentary follows the journey of DJARARA - the only sustained rara band in America - through a hidden New York landscape of vodou temples, underground economies, violent politics, and ground-shaking music. (Watch a YouTube video of the band.)

Suggested donations will be accepted for the screening & a plate. Food and artistic contributions are also welcome. DJs Tall Jamal and Finger Prince will spin Island and West African sounds before and after.

All proceeds benefit Haiti's Earthquake Disaster victims. 50% will go to Doctors Without Borders and 50% to the event's Haitian performers with family in Haiti right now.

For more info, visit the event's Facebook page.  

New Orleans Night Out For Haiti

Tuesday, February 2, all day

Restaurants join together on February 2 to donate 10% of sales to the charity of their choice during the New Orleans Night Out for Haiti fundraising event.

For more info, please visit the event's Facebook page.

"Nuit De Soleil" Benefit for Children of Haiti

Tuesday, February 2, 6 p.m. at McKenna Museum of African-American Art

Konbit Pou Edikasyon, a nonprofit organization formed by Loyola law students, along with Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, will hold "Nuit De Soleil," a night of art and music to benefit an education fund for children in Haiti. It will be held on Friday, Feb. 5, at the McKenna Museum of African American Art (2003 Carondelet St. in New Orleans) from 6-9 p.m. Music will be provided by Troy Sawyer.

Gris Gris Lab's Spread the Love

Saturday, February 13, 10 p.m. at Gris Gris Lab (2245 Brainard St., New Orleans)

DJ Manga Rosa will spin Haitian classics, and local artist Sarah Dearie and others will sell artwork with proceeds going to Hope for Haitian Children, Konbit Pou Edikasyon and Gris Gris Labs Intentional Community Organizer Training (Feb. 15 at 6:30 p.m.).
For more info, please visit or call (504) 654-1927.

Other Ways To Help

If you or someone you know is directly involved in the Haiti earthquake or relief efforts, please post in our WWOZ Forum and share your experiences with the 'OZ Nation.

Google's "Person Finder" is a useful tool for those who have or need info on someone in Haiti.

The New Orleans-Haiti Connection

Haiti has deeply impacted New Orleans and Louisiana. 10,000 Haitian refugees doubled the size of New Orleans in 1809, providing most of the city's French influences. Some very important New Orleanians - like jazz pioneer Jelly Roll Morton and WWOZ Volunteer Coordinator Maryse Dejean - trace their ancestry to Haiti. 

The commonalities between New Orleans and Haiti transcend race and geography, from occult traditions and energetic syncopated rhythms to French linguistic roots and violent storms. Unfortunately, they now have one more thing in common: horrific destruction and loss of life caused by a natural disaster.

The days and weeks immediately following such a catastrophe are critical, and like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Haiti cannot rely on government infrastructure to provide relief.

On the Internet, anyone can help from anywhere in the world. The estimated 3 million people affected by this tragedy need everyone's help.


Benefit Concert

How about organizing a WWOZ benefit concert to support the rebuilding of the musical and culture-bearer communities of Haiti?

wwoz benefit

At present, we don't have the resources to be a collector of funds, but we are working hard to promote local benefit concerts through our music calendar -- and stay tuned to this page for a list of New Orleans Haiti relief benefits!

Giving hope to the afflicted

Giving hope to the afflicted individual will provide some comfort on their part of the victims. Be a part of relief operation in Haiti. Perhaps this was the worst tragedy ever happened in Haiti. The 7. 0 earthquake magnitude had left so much devastation, many dreams had shattered, thousand of lives had lost, many infrastructure had collapsed the only thing that we can do to ease their suffering is to help in the best way that we can. If you want to donate to charity through one of the text message campaigns, check the bona fides before you do. Some are legit, and aren't run by scammers that will send you running for payday loans and a lawyer to try and sue some con artist into the Stone Age, who the Chinese won't extradite. For instance,
text Haiti to 90999
is the American Red Cross, text Haiti to 501501 is the Wyclef Jean ran foundation, and text Haiti to 20222 is the Clinton Foundation. If you were thinking of donating to Haitian earthquake relief via text message, those three are likely the best bets.

Haitian Association for Human Development

Thank you for posting the link to the New Orleans-based Haitian Association for Human Development. Volunteering with them in 2000 allowed me to see the beauty and dignity of Haitians and recognize the deep cultural and musical connections between New Orleans and Haiti. You, WWOZ listeners, can help the people of Haiti sing again! Enjoy these live recordings made during my trip to Haiti ten years ago and, if you haven't already, donate to relief efforts today!


Can Haiti be Sustainable?

Haiti & Deepening Perspectives on Sustainable Land Development

Haiti was devastated by yet another catastrophic event that literally drives the inevitible outcome of unsustainable land development into the ground. Beyond the immediate relief efforts, perhaps now is the time to seriously consider restoring a sustainable Haiti...

Sustainable Land Development International (SLDI) Sets Sights on Haiti

SLDI has begun to mobilize its efforts to help Haitians restore their country to sustainability. Ultimately, for environmental restoration, economic development and equitable social systems to take root in Haiti, the Haitian people must become engaged and take full ownership over the efforts...

Your participation and comments are welcome.

Terry Mock
Executive Director
Sustainable Land Development International


The US government spending on the Haiti disaster has nearly quadrupled to $379 million, the U.S. Agency for International Development announced Wednesday. That's about $1.25 each from everyone in the United States.

In 2005, Bush administration spent over $192.9 billion on Katrina relief.

Has New Orleans been recovered already? Once again America wants to save the world.

Large Barge to Jacmel Haiti from New Orleans 2/20/2010

My name is Elaine Langley working with a non profit relief organization called Plenty International. I am also a registered nurse and part of a grass roots organization here in New Orleans helping to fill a Large Barge leaving New Orleans for Jacmel, Haiti on Saturday, February 20th.

Supplies to fill this Barge is desperately needed. One of the ground relief organizations being supplied by this Barge in Jacmel is a Women and Children's Clinic.

Supplies Needed:

-Tents and Tarps
-Non Perishable Foods
-Medical Supplies such as non latex gloves, pregnancy kits
-Household items such as diapers, sanitary napkins

Anyone interested in helping this effort can email me at "". You can also call me at 931 215 4163. But please do it quickly b/c there is not much time left. Volunteers are also needed to help palate wrap and load.


What happened to Haiti is really shocking and pitiful.. Many people lost their homes, businesses, and most specially their loved ones.. I think until now they are having difficulty in rebuilding their country.. Hopefully their sponsors will continuously support them. They need us most at times like this.

-- Stephanie03

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