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Are there any future plans for podcasts at WWOZ? It would be great to hear the live broadcasts anytime. I can't always be listening when they occur.

I love this station. I listen online all the time from Houston and Dallas.

Thanks for being there.

Yeah - podcasts please!

Podcasts would be great. They're not that difficult to set up and you guys would broaden your audience.

Keep up the great work - enjoying it here in Florida!

Artist Release is the question

Having been involved in tha majority of live broadcasts from the studio (2003-2008), Freddie and I had investigated the possiblity of putting out podcasts of the Vibes, Jam Sessions, Breakfast Jam and etc on the web. The the fly s__t in the pepper was getting the artist to agree to have their performance out there for all to take freely.

The musicians have a hard enough time making a living wage as it is. Some of them used our recordings on CD's, some put individual tracks out on their websites as promotion, and I include them in my show quite often, but I don't expect to put them out on podcasts unless there is a way to make it profitable to the artist.

May All Your Blues Be On The Radio.... D

Hooray, podcasts!

Hi, y'all. I am a devotee of the OZ, but living in Paris for eight months, it's proven quite difficult to get my fix of the 7:00 p.m. shift via streaming. I don't need to tell you what an asset your 7 o'clock programming is, and it would mean a lot to me if I could take it (and all the other content, of course!) with me on the go. If you can find a way, it would certainly factor into my pledge calculation, and I suspect I'm not alone. We want podcasts!

Stay the best.


Podcasts and recording

Hey Harlan,

Thanks for dropping us a line. Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to have your primetime 'OZ music be our exotic late night stuff, but I hear you. We don't do podcasts of non-original (i.e. music) content, because it's a big deal to get the releases and make sure that we aren't (pardon my French :D) screwing anyone over.

However, here are a couple things I'd recommend to slake your thirst:

1. We have really cool programming over on our New Orleans All The Way Live page. It features a lot of live broadcasts and interviews with local musicians, chefs and more.

2. Check out You can schedule recordings of 'OZ (and other radio stations) that you can download afterwards as podcasts. It's a funky workaround, but it's the equivalent of putting a cassette tape in your radio.

Hope this helps!

Hi, Jennifer. Thanks so much

Hi, Jennifer.

Thanks so much for the response! I will keep up with the All The Way, and I'm on my way to happiness. (Funky Workaround is my middle name.)


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