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Stand by Haiti: Dr. Paul Farmer- Partners in Health

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I am a former New Orleans resident with family there now.
I now listen to WWOZ from my home in Boston.
Won't you all please consider PIH, Partners in Health- a Boston Massachusetts based organization headed by Dr. Paul Farmer and Ophelia Dahl that is linked to Brigham and Women's Hospital here.
PIH has been setting up Haitian hospitals- run by Haitians for 25 years. They have received numerous humanitarian awards and Tracy Kidder's book "Mountains beyond Mountains" chronicles Dr. Farmer's work to provide free health care to all peoples in Haiti.
Partners in Health is well known in the Boston medical community, and Dr. Farmer can be seen on You- Tube or you can go directly to Partners in Health,or just Google him for more information.
Once I donated to them I now receive their emails with almost daily updates on the progress they are making in the now devastated capital city of Port-o- Prince, as well as blogs from some of their people there.
Check them out and see exactly where your donations are going.
God Bless you all and all the Haitian communities everywhere.
Thank you.

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