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stream survey

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Hey Mike,
thanks for the invitation / hint to the stream survey.
Why do you hide it ?
I would not have noticed it in a hundred years !
Reasons why:
Usually I fire up my player and send it to my one and only stream. No website, no nothing. Thus I only found out about the new stream when walking through the forum. I admit that I easily oversee that something on that familiar yellow box has changed.
But go to "Need help listening" ?? Why should anybody ?
Or is the survey only for people having trouble to get the stream ?
There still is some place left in that box for a link but much better
use a post-it pic or place a link for the survey in a more prominent manner and place.

And take yourself serious:
"Need help listening?"
yeah can't get your stream
"How do you listen to WWOZ?"
Not at all - that's why I'm here.
Can YOU tell me ?

=> stream survey

thanks for the feedback

Hi listener 93,
Thanks for the feedback. Believe it or not, people are having no trouble finding the survey, as we've got lots of submissions so far. Also, we sent a direct link out to our 'OZone e-Newsletter subscribers... that's often the way we do this type of thing as general users may not be as interested in filling out such surveys.

So if you're not already, sign up for the 'OZone! There's lots of other cool stuff in there that we don't make a big deal out of on the web site but that still get great responses... like our Mardi Gras photo contest, monthly recipes, and sometimes even sneak previews of new site features.

We think of our 'OZone list as our beta testers for projects like this, and we save "regular" site space for more general-interest content.

Cheers, and hope you survived your Mardi Gras with your brain cells intact... mine are beginning the process of regeneration. ;)

oops...OZone - going strong since 2006

Hi Mike,

glad you survived in such a perfect condition. For recovery
a little sleep, less drinks and something along the line of
double espresso (after the sleep!) helps a lot.
As to my brain cells those I still can trust well they work.

About the survey my point was that
I can look only for something I know of.
I never go to "Need help listening ?" voluntarily.

So there may a lot of people come across that one while they
need help.
But what about the many permanent or continuing listeners ?

Oops - yeah you are right - the OZone e-Newsletter.
Now I understand...
Isn't Mardi Gras the perfect excuse for not having read it proper yet ??
And I got them all - back till the first one from Nov. 2006...
I'll try to get better. ;-)

Thanks and keep the good work and the servers up !

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