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I wonna say that I am very thankful for now having the opportunity now to hear your programm in 128k-quality on the air over here in Berlin, Europe. It's so great to hear it loud and clear nearly without any problems! Simply wonderful imagining to be right between the folks in all the fine venues in New Orleans from which you bring live music into our homes far away.
Happy mardigrass and looking forward for Jazzfest 2009!

glad you like the new stream!

We're very proud of our new stream, and we're glad we can bring you high-quality audio across the world so you can hear all the nuances of both the music and our illustrious show hosts.

It's things like these that membership dollars goes to... so thanks for supporting WWOZ and our expansion into the digital (and international) world!

New listen now player

Mike - it seems like the site has a new player for streaming. The new player works really well for me here in SF. The previous options gave me gave me some issues on my mac bc it would "rebuffer" stream frequently so I would only get a few minutes of entertainment.
So far the new player has not rebuffered yet. I have been listening along to the fairgrounds stream this AM and it sounds great. Flying in on Thursday for next weekend! Thanks for all the great stuff the station brings.

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