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still stand-by hosts + sig. tunes

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Hey Mike,
thanks for installing the web site forum.
As to the videos I was not exactly asking for more. My question still is: Where have the vids gone that already had been here ? And I relate explicitely to the vids of the showhosts. Hint: These vids may also be very interesting to new listeners so it does make sense to leave them available.

Unfortunately and strange enough you did not answer/comment on my other questions/proposals. Mike, from a member of the web team I would have expected that.
So let's try once more.
A great service could easily be achieved by adding
the title and artist of the signature tune to the
show host's profile (if they have such a tune)

This would be just one line - to hard to achieve ?

Home » WWOZ Programs » Show Hosts » Example ShowHost

Example ShowHost

Music Genre(s): New Orleans
Signature Tune: Dance  Charmaine Neville  (It's About Time 1992)

[Email Example ShowHost]
About Example ShowHost

And I come back to the stand-by hosts - as I called them.
Talking about the regulars who I hear once a week or some almost every day lately. Forgive me but it is rude and unfair not to list them !
If you got so much problems mark them red blue or green but put them on.
And take the chance to check your list for people who do not perform anymore.
Thank you

Hi listener-93, Forgive me

Hi listener-93,

Forgive me for not responding to all of your suggestions all at once... I've had quite a bit on my plate since I started here a couple months ago. But your suggestions are (and have often been, as I'm trolling old forum posts) extremely valuable to us, and we appreciate them, so keep them coming!

I'm still getting my "sea legs" at WWOZ, but I'm amazed at the number of projects that are in the works -- including a higher-quality Web stream coming soon -- and our tiny staff is doing its best to bring 'OZ into the 21st Century as quickly as possible.

As regards show host signature songs, that is on our ever-growing to-do list, and we hope to have that up soon.

Re: videos... We took down the videos so we could repair them and re-present them adhering to a higher quality standard than before. In many cases, we had to re-do the audio because of sync or other quality issues. We'll have 'em up before you can say "Funky President." Well, ok, not really that quick. But close.

Show hosts, whether they're a sub or a regular, are all listed in our show host index. I wasn't clear on your suggestion, but here's my interpretation: Have subs listed on the program pages for the shows they sub on. If that's what you mean, I absolutely agree, especially for "regular subs". We'll certainly add that to our list of things to do... and it will get done, but bear with us as we focus on more basic (and critical) enhancements, like a better Web stream, richer host profiles, and much much more.

You wouldn't believe how many requests and suggestions we get for new features, site tweaks, and improvements... or maybe you would!

In any case, keep the positive feedback coming, and all we ask is for a little patience as 'OZ enters into a new and exciting era. There's a lot to look forward to...

Some kind of swell in the OZ sea ?

Hi Mike,
no problem. Once you got your legs it is only your stomach to follow suit - guess there is some kind of swell in the OZ sea. ;-)

About sig. tunes - if you would have said that you have it on your list...
Would have saved 2 posts. ;-) Yes it can be that easy.
I do not expect things to happen when my mail or post drops in !
But how can i know what you got on your list.

The vids: If you take them all off the shelf it looks like 'sold out'. A simple line like "show host vids will be up again after restoration" would have solved that one as well.

As to show hosts' list i am still not sure - i return to that one when sorted out. Though i still do not manage to listen 24 h IMHO there are people missing (very few if at all) and quite a few are no longer performing (?). The list is quite long and tends to get confusing.
So i really only meant the straight list. Think this is the best way. But if you ever get bored you can do a list of all songs and which show host played them...

OK two more you brought up.
a higher-quality Web stream:
Always nice to have but not a must have.
Most of all before you switch to a higher quality clean your signal i.e. separate it from your FM signal !! Sometimes it sounds like bad reception. The transmitter should not have influence on the stream.
Otherwise I have a very clear line: if you want more, much more then go and buy some CDs or downloads.

The many requests and suggestions you get:
Well I am puzzled - hardly do I ever read something here.
Sometimes the forum is almost like deserted. I only can imagine that people do not know how to log in or just do not want to.

Whatever - I sure keep feedback coming positive or not. OZ always had a lot to look forward to and the rest I guess we just have to work out.

Mike, if the load gets heavy think of this: we love OZ and so we want it to be perfect, shiny as a star and what not. And even that is different to everyone...
Also as a person 'behind the curtain' you should look here.

Meanwhile I practice the "Funky President". ;-)

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