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Playlists posting

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I see show play lists are now posted in a timely fashion. Thanks! Please don't let it slip to previous habits. If up-coming fund drives are responsible for the attention, I am sure it will result in additional or increased donations to the best radio station in the world.
Listening in Atlanta.

Super volunteers to thank

The play lists are being entered into the website by some of the wonderful volunteers that work behind the scenes for the good of the station. While all show hosts complete a play list for their show. Some do so on paper and a some do both. For those that only do paper, there are a group of dedicated people that give of their time to come to the station and sit at a computer and input the information.

Being one of the hosts that has taken the next technology step of playing music directly from my computer and leaving the CDs at home, I type in the play ist as I do the show. Depending on the activity in the studio, you can see what I am playing almost as it is being played. I know that George does his list as he does the show too.

Thanks to all who give of themselves to make 'OZ what it is.

May All Your Blues Be On The Radio.... D

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