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Sonny Landreth Not LIVE on Radio WWOZ 26 april WHY?

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Sonny Landreth Not LIVE on Radio WWOZ
Dutch fans(Netherlands) asked me why?
They Tuned in to hear Sonny Landreth :(

I am The moderator of the
DUTCH Sonny Landreth Fan Hyves
Sonny will come at 16th of may to the DUTCH festival called
HIGHLANDS where Blues Meets Rock!

Fans are Tuning in at WWOZ Radio To Listen Sonny as a pre-taste for what they can expect 16th of may in The Netherlands
Please can somebody tell me if the Booadcast will send out later?


Sonny Landreth @ HIGHLANDS Netherlands where Blues Meets Rock!

Sonny Landreth's "Uberesso" (his Passion for Espresso)
I made/dedicate this Clip special for Sonny and his fans! Because I'm sure Sonny saw the making of Espresso and the Rhytm and flow of the coffee and got inspired to make the brillant track "Uberesso," a blistering instrumental from Landreth and his band, inspired by Sonny's passion for espresso.Buy his New Brilliant CD "from The REACH"


We had two groups performing at the same time, so we captured Sonny live and broadcast him at 6:00 on that day. Our on-line schedule is the groups that we plan to record but sometimes when they are on at the same time we have to "time shift" them so everyone could be heard. If you listened to the broadcast we announced that on-air.

live broadcasts on OZ

Hi listeners around the world,
Happy Jazz Fest - enjoy !
Forget about your stopwatch - kick back and savor this treat.

To William:
Of course Sonny was on air - think it was 1am to 2am next morning your time. And man it was magic !
If you missed it life told you a lesson - take it.
The good things in life do not happen according to schedules...
For the rest see below.
And btw: I do not like your way. You come up with a screen shot as if it would be a contract. You are free to put down the money first (!) and try to find some slaves...
If you are a moderator please be moderate.

The scheduling as it happens seems to irritate a lot of folks in Europe these days. I am getting mails even calls when something does not start as expected.

Some suggestions:

I skip the part on 6 to 8 h difference between NOLA and places in Europe ;-)

Would you like 10 to 15 adds interrupting the performance ?
Probably that kind of money might make it possible to
keep an exact schedule.

And did you know that there is a 2 digits number of stages ?
OZ does not go the easy way to broadcast what fits in a line !

The folks from OZ are working hard to deliver such an outstanding program and mind you almost none of them gets paid !
While everybody enjoys the Fest they labor to bring it to us.

Hey why don't you just throw a BBQ, switch on OZ and feel like you are just around the corner ?! It helps if you put off your business suit and relax.

On my part I'll get a new batch of coffee and enjoy the 2nd weekend starting Thursday (!). Everything else got to wait.

And folks do not miss Grayson Capps today at the Crossroads.
That is 21:00 - 23:00 h Central European Time. ;-)

Sonny Landreth heard Live!

listener-93 I have heard The show of Sonny on Time ca 1.05 Midnight European Time The Concert was superb!
Thnx to the Crew of WWOZ.Org who informed me minute by minute when the show was going on air! TOP!
Ive heard at Radio:
1-Native Stepson
2-The Promise Land
3-Wind In Denver
4-Hell At Home
5-Storm of Worry
6-The Milky Way Home
7-Blue Tarp Blues
8-Pedal to Metal(encore)

Check The VIDEO-Box
Sonny Landreth @ Jazzfest 26-04-2009
Skip by < or > through te Vids!
-Native Stepson(Solo Part) @ Jazzfest
-Storm of Worry @ Jazzfest
-Wind in Denver @ Jazzfest
-The Milky Way Home @ Rock N Bowl (24-04-2009

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