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Nutrition and Healthy Cooking

I am in New Orleans this week teaching nutrition and healthy cooking to, mainly, The Boys and Girls Club on South Broad Street. Yesterday we made veggie roll-ups and today we are making chicken soup with brown rice and lots of veggies and fresh parsley. The kids love it and really want to learn. They want to be healthy. They also really need your help to stock their kitchen with various size pots and pans and well...everything. Just making a little variation like using brown rice instead of white rice can add health-supporting dietary fiber and flavor to the dish. Try it!
In good health,
Patty James


Hi Patty,

pretty interesting what you are doing. I am cooking myself but sure not
with your professional dietary approach.
None the less we try to keep it slim and fit - our forum that is.
May I therefore kindly ask you to post under general questions next time.
It is in your best interest since nobody will be looking for food or health advice in the programming section.
Thank you.

Thanks for posting this!

Hi Patty,
Thanks for posting this! Sorry I wasn't more specific about where to post it... I'll move it to the appropriate spot. In the meantime, we're looking to flesh out our recipe section a bit more. We're considering a food-specific forum exactly for stuff like this... we'll let you know if/when we do!

Eat healthy (sometimes)!

Oh, and my arteries thank you! I love living here in NOLA, but my tastes are adapting faster than my body. ;)

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