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Vibes or trying to make 5 even

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Talking about J.J.Grey's promotional visit in Sittin' At The Crossroads.
There are lots of promo visits at OZ - none had ever been "part of the 'OZ Vibes Concert Series". Strange isn't it ?

Yes Big D was the co-host of the Vibes.
But that does not make it The Vibes by default and anyway this is his program "Sittin' At The Crossroads".

When The Vibes were disposed about a year ago OZ did not even have the courage to communicate that. Instead several people repeatedly tried to excuse and hide behind the rebuilding. But after around 48 weeks rebuilding is done and there still are no Vibes. Instead OZ comes up with a fake after almost one year !

And btw. it is completely ridiculous that Transportation Revolution should sponsor Grey's own promo for his gig at the HOB. Anybody walks in to promote his upcoming gig.
And Transportation Revolution sponsoring Alligator Records ??
Don't think the fine folks from Vespa, Triumph and Ducati meant to.
Please do not make fools of honest and committed sponsors !
Some people at OZ are [expletive deleted by moderator] ! I am not talking about show hosts.

Actually I would like to see Transportation Revolution step on OZ's feet demanding to deliver what they (at least originally) paid for: They once sponsored The Vibes !
But for at least 11 months there was no Vibes - now OZ tries to cover and labels a musician's promo for his own gig "part of the 'OZ Vibes Concert Series". Bad move.

OZ how can you dare to think we are that stupid you could make us believe with such a cheap trick. I call that deliberate insult.

See you do not tip if the food was not what was written on the menu.
I am still a member and intend to continue but at the same time I tell you I do not like to give money to people trying to fool me.

It would have been bad enough to tell us that The Vibes are canceled, but pretending and trying to fool us causes the real damage.
And the damage is loss of trust.

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