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stand-by hosts + signature tunes

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Hey everybody and a happy new year !

The following is connected as much to programming / show hosts
as it is to the website - so i put it here.

The obvious first question:
Why is there no forum for the website ?
Care to add one ??

Why don't you give a page to your stand-by or backup men ?
There are -as from my limited listening experience- at
least 2 or 3 characters sitting in for other hosts sometimes
several times a week.
I am talking about the regulars.
IMHO OZ owes it to them and to its listeners.

A great service could easily be achieved by adding
the title and artist of the signature tune to the
show host's profile (if they have such a tune).

Where are the videos of the show hosts ?
I think they should be a part of the profile.
Recently i wanted to view some again and had to
realize that the videos are no longer available.
Or where did you hide them ??
Could you please put them back up again ?!
Would be great if we can just download them...

Web site forum

Hi Listener 93... excellent idea! We now have a web site forum. Thanks for the suggestion!

We're also working on getting more video on the site... however, they'll most likely be stream-only. But we'll see what we can do.

moving this to the new web site forum

Thanks for your response Mike.
Since now we got a web site forum i move it there.

continued at still stand-by hosts + sig. tunes

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