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3 hours of the Black Liberace on WWOZ this Wednesday night!

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Wednesday night - December 17, 2008 - the day when James Booker would have been 69 years old - Jazz Lunatique on WWOZ will be playing 3 hours of James Booker as tradition dictates. This will include favorites, rants, rare cuts, covers, and all out Booker. Starts at midnight and goes until 3 AM so take your no doze or crystal meth (ask Black Mold, kiddies, if you don't know what that is...) and change your complete mindset by digging the Bayou Maharajah, the Black Liberace, the Piano Prince of New Orleans - JAMES BOOKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are not lucky enough to live in New Orleans, it's on and that's central standard time.

And Papa Was A Rascal and I think I'm gonna be one too.

Silly Wabbit

Everybody knows that Crystal Meth is Santa's “special magic” that lets him fly ALL AROUND THE WORLD in one night.

So kiddies, to be on Santa's “A” list, forget the milk and cookies, just leave him a few rocks. And when your parents ask, tell 'em it's OK because you heard it on WWOZ.

Happy Holidaze everyone!

B. Mold

Xmas shows

Hey Black Mold when are you and the Dominatrix of the Blues going to do your tasteless Xmas show. Eggnog and Thunderbird never tastes so good as when I'm doing the John Belushi Stomp to that show.

Eggnog & Thunderbird? I need to meet your bartender...

I've recused myself from that show. It was damaging my sterling reputation. (snicker)

That show is now wholly owned and operated by the Dominatrix. I'd check with her.

3 hours of awesomeness.

3 hours of awesomeness.

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