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Live in-studio music at WWOZ

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I'm enjoying Bob French's 12/05/2008 Power Drive show right now - with live music by his brother George French's kick-ass band, featuring several of New Orleans top vocalists.

It got me to thinking that a weekly or monthly in-studio live music hour would be a great thing to hear on the radio. It would be much easier now to present a high-quality live broadcast, with the new set-up at the WWOZ Studios.

Is anyone else interested in this?


We should talk in a more private setting...

May All Your Blues Be On The Radio....


about Live in-studio music at WWOZ

Hey Olivia,

sorry for showing up late but the annual December craziness kept me from reading the forum.
Definitely I too enjoy Bob's shows - they are always very lively !

You are asking for regular live shows:
OZ had it all !! And wow did OZ have it !
And for sure there was no lack of interest. In fact this project was so interesting and promising that the show hosts had their "own" sponsor...
Living in Europe i stayed up late to be able to listen.

Olivia please read OZ's format is changing (on the OZ forum) and the appending response.

Done that I suggest you might ask your GM

why he canceled the show
[we all know back then it was not the rebuilding of the studio]

and why he -under whatsoever pretenses- laid off Freddie Blue.

And i take my chance to post my salute to
Freddie Blue a truly great soul of OZ
wishing him the very best where ever he might be.
I know lots of people miss him badly - like I do.

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