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Dance Songs Needed for Special Program

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Next Wednesday night from 7pm to 10pm I'm substituting for Billy Delle and featuring songs that include a dance step instruction within the lyrics. You know, "Put your hands on your hips, stand on your tip, tip, tips, and wibble wibble wibble" or "Do the Monkey Walk, two by two, keep it neat and to the beat." Actually, the cornier or more specific the lyrics, the better. To really make this fun we'll also include video links to dance instructions in the online playlist so that you can dance along with the music. So toss away that crossword puzzle, kick off your shoes, and get ready to dance the Watusi, Popeye, Jerk, Truck, Pony, Monkey, Hitchhike, and, of course, the Funky Chicken.

You know it will be an even better show if you send in your own dance songs or internet links to dance instructions. If I use them, you will be granted the traditional three wishes by the WWOZ Genies but please be careful with these wishes as hard-of-hearing genies always turn these wishes (and you) into a punch-line disaster.

To get you started, some example songs and dance instruction videos:

Video Instruction:

The Watusi and the Freddy by Wednesday and Gomez Addams of the Addams Family TV show:

James Brown giving all kinds of dance lessons:


Monkey Time Major Lance
Popeye Huey Piano Smith
Sukey, Sukey, Sukey Spiders
Funky Chicken Rufus Thomas
Mashed Potato Party Link Wray
Rodeo Twist Rex Allen
Domino Twist Fats Domino
Do the Grind Earl King
The Roach Gene and Wendell (these are local guitarist Seva Venet's grandparents)
Let's Monkey Again The Persians
Scoodle Um Skoo Papa Charlie Jackson or Don Vappie

Send your submissions to me, Jamie Dell'Apa at


Video link to the Madison Dance

Better get Land of 1,000

Better get Land of 1,000 Dances in there.

From my New Orleans Music Show database

Armstrong, Louis Georgia Grind 1926 JSP Hot Fives and Sevens CD1
Bo, Eddie Slip and Glide 2001 self We Come To Party
Cookie & The Cupcakes Shake Em Up 1963 ACE Kings of Swamp Pop
Cookie & The Cupcakes Franko Chinese Cha Cha Cha 1961 ACE Kings of Swamp Pop
Edwards, pearl Jerk pt 1 Westside Havin Fun With
Foster, Larry Funky Belly Funky Delicases Funky Funky New Orleans 2
Guitar Ray Patty Cake Shake Funky Delicases Sixty Smokin Soul Senders
Harrison, Earl Humprey's Stomp Funky Delicases Sixty Smokin Soul Senders
Jimmie J Jet, The Funky Delicases Sixty Smokin Soul Senders
Marcelle, Lydia Everybody Dance Funky Delicases Sixty Smokin Soul Senders
Marchan, Bobby Booty Green 1965
Marchan, Bobby Bunny Hug 1965
Meters Do The Dirt 1972 Sundazed Cabbage Alley
Moore, Curly Soul Train Funky Delicases Sixty Smokin Soul Senders
Morton, Jelly Roll Ballin' The Jack 1939 BMG Jelly Roll Morton Centennial - CD?
New Orleans Ragtime orch Ballin' The Jack 1974 Vanguard
Parker, Robert Scratch, The 1966 Night Train The Wardell Quezerque Sessions
Piron, Armand New Orleans Wiggle 1923 Azure Piron's New Orleans Orchestra
Senator Jones Boston Fleet Funky Delicases Sixty Smokin Soul Senders
Sheffield, Charles Kangaroo, The 1961 ACE Jay Miller RnB Sessions
Webster, Katie Katie Lee Paula Katie Webster
Williams, Clarence Shim Sham Shimmy Dance 1933 Classics 1933

others most aren't new orleans artists

This is easy and one reason I keep a database of everything I have played on the air over the last 18 years

5 Du-Tones Shake A Tail Feather 1965 Rhino
Armen, Kay I Wanna Twist 1962
Armstrong, Lil Hardin Doin the Suzie-Q 1936 Stash
Armstrong, Lil Hardin Lindy Hop 1937
Armstrong, Louis Don't Forget To Mess Around 1926 Columbia
Armstrong, Louis Irish Black Bottom 1926 Columbia
Ballard, Hank Finger Poppin Time 1960 Charly
Berry, Richard Jelly Roll 1955 ACE
Berry, Richard Mess Around, The 1957
Betty Smith Group Hand Jive 45 rpm
Bo, Eddie Now Lets Popeye 1961
Bonds, Gary Dear Lady Twist 1962
Bonds, Gary Twist Twist Senora 1962
Boss-Tones Mope Itty Mope 1959 Rhino
Bradford, Perry Everybody Mess Around 1926 Arcadia
Bradford, Perry Georgia Grind 1926 Arcadia
Bradford, Perry Original Black Bottom Dance 1926 Arcadia
Brown, James Dancin' Little Thing 1961
Brown, Sir Latimore Shake and Vibrate Sound Stage
Bryant, Don Doin the Mustang 1969 HI
Bryant, Don Doing the Mustang 1967 HI
Burke, Solomon Dance Dance Dance 1965 Rhino
Byrd, Russell Hitch Hike 1962 EMI
Byrd, Russell Hitchhike 1962 EMI
Calloway, Cab Peck A Doodle 1938
Capitols Cool Jerk 1966 Rhino
Carr, Wynona Boppity Bop 1956 ACE
Carter, Benny Push Out 1939
Charles, Ray Train, The 45 RPM
Charts Dance Girl 1957
Chubby Checker Chicken, The Parkway
Chubby Checker Fly, The 1961 45 rpm
Chubby Checker La La Limbo
Clark, Dee Dance on Little Girl 1962
Clouds Rock and Roll Boogie 1956 Capricorn
Coasters Slime, The 1962 Rhino
Coleman, King Let's Shimmy 1960 EMI
Commandos Chicken Scratch 1959 EMI
Commandos Chicken Scratch, The 1959 EMI
Contours Can You Jerk Like Me 1964
Contours Do You Love Me 1962
Cooke, LC Wobble, The 1962 ABKCO
Cooke, Sam Everybody Likes To Cha Cha 1959
Cookie & The Cupcakes Franko Chinese Cha Cha Cha 1961 ACE
Cookie & The Cupcakes Shake Em Up 1963 ACE
Coon Sanders Nighthawks I'm Gonna Charleston Back to Charleston 1925 Living Era
Crayton, Pee Wee Baby Pat the Floor 1954 Bluesboy
Daylighters Oh Mama Teach Me How to Uncle Willie
Daylighters Teach Me How To Uncle Willie
Dee, Joey Hey Let's Twist 1962
Dee, Joey Peppermint Twist 1961
Dee, Joey Roly Poly 1962
DeSanto, Sugar Pie Do The Whoopee 1964
Dixon, Floyd Let's Dance 1949
Dorsey, Lee Ride Your Pony 1965 Charly
Dovells Bristol Stomp 1961 45 rpm
Eddy, Duane Soul Twist 1963
Edwards, Pearl Jerk, The Westside
Everglades Limbo Lucy 1963 EMI
Everglades, The Limbo Lucy 1963 EMI
Fantastic Johnny C Boogaloo Down Broadway Rhino
Five Jinks Cushion Foot 1937 Document
Five Royales Do the Cha Cha Cherry 1958 Sing
Four Blues Jitterbug Sadie 1940 Document
Freeman, Bobby Do You Wanna Dance 1958
Gaillard, Slim Buck Dance Rhythm 1945 Classics
Gaillard, Slim Harlem Hunch 1945 Classics
Hall, Adelaide Truckin 1936 Jazz Archives
Hanshaw, Annette Black Bottom 1926 Jasmine
Hanshaw, Annette Don't Take That Black Bottom Away 1926 Jasmine
Harlem Hamfats Let's Get Drunk and Truck 1936 Document
Harpo, Slim Shake Your Hips
Henderson, Fletcher Charleston Crazy 1923 MCA
Isley Bros Teach Me How To Shimmy 1961 45 rpm
Jackson, JJ Oh Mah Liddy Valmor
Jordan, Louis At The Swing Cat's Ball 1939 Charly
Jordan, Louis Doug the Jitterbug 1939 Charly
Junior Walker Do The Boomerang 1965 Motown
Kdoe, Ernie Boomerang Duke
Kenner, Chris Don't Make No Noise Night Train
Kenner, Chris Let Me Show you How To Twist
Kim Melvin Doin the Popcorn 1969 HI
King Coleman Let's Shimmy 1960 EMI
King Curtis Soul Twist 1956 Razor & Tie
Kirk, Andy Loose Ankles 1930 Classics
Kirk, Andy Sophmore 1930 Stash
Kirkland, Eddie Hawg, The 1963 Rhino
Lance, Major Matador, The 1964 Okeh
Larks Jerk, The 1964
Lee, Jackie Duck, The 1965
Lee, Julia When Jenny Does That Lowdown Dance 1951
Lee, Warren Uh Uh, The 1962
Little Eva Locomotion 1962
Little Eva Makin With the Magilla 1964 Murray Hill
Little Joe and the Thrillers Let's Do The Slop 1955
Little Richard Do The Jerk
Lunceford, Jimmie Pigeon Walk 1937 MCA
Lunceford, Jimmie Posin 1937 MCA
Marchan, Bobby Booty Green
Marchan, Bobby Bunny Hug
Mar-Keys Pop-Eye Stroll 1962 Stax
McCall, Toussaint Shimmy Ronn
McCracklin, Jimmy Walk, The 1957 Chess
McGhee, Sticks Wiggle Waggle Woo 1953 Mr R&B
Millinder, Lucky Jumping Jack, The 1950 Jukebox Lil
Mills Bros Lambeth Walk, The 1938 Giants of Jazz
Morrisette, Johnny Meet Me At The Twistin Place 1962 ABKCO
Morton, Eddie Oceana Roll 1911 New World
Nervous Norvus Bullfrog Hop Big Beat
Nicholas Bros They Say He Ought To Dance 1937
Olsen, George Doin the Racoon 1928 Memphis Archives
Olsen, George Varsity Drag, The 1927 Memphis Archives
Olympics Do The Philly Dog 1966
Olympics Duck, The
Olympics Hully Gully
Orioles Wobble
Orlons Wah Watusi 1962 45 rpm
Otis, Johnny Three Girls Named Molly Capitol
Parker, Robert Barefootin 1966
Pickett, Wilson Land of 100 Dances 1966 Rhino
Rice, Sir Mack Mustang Sally Rhino
Sharp, Dee Dee Gravy 1962
Sharp, Dee Dee Limbo Rock
Sharp, Dee Dee Popeye Waddle Cameo
Sharp, Dee Dee Push and Kick
Smith, Huey Little Chicken Wah Wah 1957 ACE
Solomon, King Square Dance Boogie 1953
Soul, Jimmy Twistin Matilda 1962
Spaniels Why Don't You Dance
Stafford, Jesse Prep Step, The 1929 Memphis Archives
Taylor, Johnnie Wall to Wall Malaco
Tex, Joe Grannie Stole the Show Ace
Tex, Joe Peck, The
Thomas, Rufus Can Your Monkey Do The Dog 1962 Rhino
Thomas, Rufus Dog, The 1962 Rhino
Thomas, Rufus Fried Chicken 1978 HI
Thomas, Rufus Sophisticated Sissy 1967 Stax
Thomas, Rufus Walkin The Dog 1963 Rhino
Thornton, Big Mama Fish, The 1955 ACE
Vibrations, The Watusi, The 1960 Chess
Waller, Fats Truckin 1935 RCA/BMG
Webster, Katie Katie Lee, The 1989 Alligator
Williams, Andre Bacon Fat 1956 Epic
Williams, Andre Greasy Chicken 1958 Fortune

We're up to 500 songs in the Land of a Thousand Dances

Holy Ray Nagin! This is the mother of all dance song lists. It goes beyond the mind of Morgan and taps into the memory of the HAL computer and the collective soul of Don Cornelius and Dick Clark. I'm lobbying the Genies of WWOZ to grant you bonus wishes over the traditional "granting of three wishes."

Hold these bonus wishes in reserve as they are often required to undo the damage of the initial three wishes. And remember, alway speak clearly to Genies or, better yet, submit your wishes in writing to avoid translation problems that convert the wishee into a corny joke. (Wishee - fishy the dangers of dealing with Genies are omnipresent.)

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