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Song - spoken wordish about ring around the city

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August 29 - about 2:00 - 2:30 - I heard a great song and the chorus or frequently in the song the lyrics mentioned the ring around the city - black line? I think it was written about a year post Katrina. Does anyone know the song, who sang it?



long black line

It's called the Long Black Line by Spencer Bohren

The Long Black Line by Spencer Bohren

That would be "In my humble opinion" the very best Katrina song written, and there have been hundreds.

I had the exquisite pleasure to have been at the Lagniappe Stage, Jazz Fest 2006 when Spencer performed the song for the first time publicly. It was surreal and the only time in all my JF experiences that a crowd sat in total silence and listened with rapt attention to every word. Most had tears in their eyes, many wept openly, while others just showed the complete release of emotions that the words brought to each one of us. When song ended there was a long pause as we collective took a moment to inhale again before we began to applaud and stand and hold on to each other.

Spencer told the story of thinking that he would not write a Katrina song as there already too many. A member of his son’s band had the title and asked Spencer for help writing the song. He explained the experience as Bob Dylan described song writing, “I don’t write the songs, I just write them down.” He continued, “It just flowed into his conscientiousness from some cosmic well spring, and soon he had 13 versus.”

The CD of the same name is wonderful and has the song upon it. The published version does not have all the verses as you heard it here on the GustaVacation Broadcast. That was recorded during the “Jazz Fest Breakfast Jams” that Freddie Blue and I did in 2007. so glad you enjoyed the music and….

May All Your Blues Be On The Radio....


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