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Super Station/New Orleans Record shops

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Hello ,
I am a resident of Baltimore who had the good fortune of visiting your great city a couple of years ago. I always loved the music and food of New Orleans and when I finally got there it was well beyond my expectations. Spectacular was my visit there and I only got to spend a couple of days there while waiting for our cruise ship. We were there a month before Katrina hit. I can never know the devestation that y'all went thru but I can tell you that my heart cried and I cried after seeing just a portion of what y'all went thru down there. "When The Levees Broke" is as heart wrenching a thing that I ever saw but it also made me proud of the pride and resolve of the citizens of New Orleans.

About a month ago I was reading a Rolling Stone article and it had y'all pegged as Best Radio Station. After the first listen online, I can say that Rolling Stone ain't never lied!! I have been telling my friends and family who love blues, gospel, zydeco, funk, go go, or just plain ol' roots music to go online and listen.(Soul Sister, go ahead and retire. Your show is so ridiculous that no one can take your title. If you were here in Baltimore/DC the people who know music would be waiting for you every Saturday night to bless us with your selections!!!)

In closing, I with my lady will be in New Orleans Aug. 10-16 for the Blacks In Government conf. I just want to be pointed in the right direction on two things. I really need to know where I can go to cop the real zydeco, funk, Irma Thomas, Pops or whatever music the best record shops have. But lastly, I am a big ol' 47 year old black goon who can't put together a cabinet, but I can lift and carry and follow labor directions. I would very much like to help a day or two while I am there. If you can email me to point me in the right directions, it will be an honor to help.


Hey Mack,
Thanks for the kind words about 'OZ and New Orleans. We think they're both pretty special ourselves.

For my money, to buy the best in recorded Louisiana music, there's only one place to go: Louisiana Music Factory; 210 Decatur St; (504) 586-1094 (In the French Quarter, across from the House of Blues).

Enjoy your stay in New Orleans; and yes, Soul Sister does rule!

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