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Thank you WWOZ !

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Hello everybody,

it is hard to pick out a single show. Of course i got my favorites and the ones know who they are. But i would like to thank each and everyone for their love, effort and devotion and special thanks to the people behind the curtain, the 'midnighters', the 'insomniacs' and one especially who only occasionally spins live but records so many shows for those times when most people in NOLA are asleep - but we in Europe are insatiable - thanks Jelly Roll !


Jelly Roll is tops in my book

Of all the show hosts on WWOZ, I truly believe that few have had or have the dedication to the founding principals of this station as does Jelly.

It is with great pride that I remember his very first "ON AIR" appearance as a producer on my show for a membership drive. I told him to just think of it as "Two friends talking about there favorite radio station and the people will listen". With a tremble in his wonderful voice, he and I talked about WWOZ and you the listeners responded with your calls and support. Now he takes to the mic like he was born with it in his hand.

Thank you, Jelly Roll for your shows and your friendship.

May All Your Blues Be On The Radio....


Thank You!

Finally, I could tune-in the radio in these early hours (for you, but for me, it's now 10AM in Hungary). I'm always trying to tune the wwoz radio at this time (just because of contemporary jazz, and Robs programs later) and it never worked, but now! But now! Thank You!

Carry on with the good work!
Csongor, from Hungary

ps. Anyway, I have some releases from Hungarian Jazz Quartet (with Tony Lakatos). If I ask for permission would you play it? They are really valuable, I think.

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