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WWOZ Invitational

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The WWOZ Invitational

You are invited to join me, Jamie Dell'Apa in programming my Saturday, midnight to Sunday, 3am show. In fact, let's make it a contest.

You pick out a groovy song and write up the supporting play list and if our crack judges (usually me and my dogs) select the song, then we'll play it on WWOZ during my Saturday night show. Don't look for any swag from the station. Instead, you'll be given full credit for the submission over the air PLUS the canine judges will grant you the traditional "three wishes." (Always submit your wishes in writing to us as you know how misheard wishes become corny jokes.) Look at any of my recent playlists to get an idea of the show then you can either add your submission to this forum or e-mail it to me at: (or through this website).

Upcoming themes include songs about

Kids Games
Flying Saucers (I've got a monopoly on Gort audio)
Professional wrestlers and TV interview show hosts
Songs with the word "Doo" in the title
Fat or skinny people
Over-hyped advertisements
Bad Girls
Answer songs
Break Ups
Cartoon or comic characters
Dance songs
Detectives/Private Eyes
Louisiana Cities
New Orleans Streets
O'Clock Songs

A sample submission to a recent theme of drinking and driving included:

Song: Hot Rod Lincoln
By: Commander Cody
From: Too Much Fun: The Best of Commander Cody,
Warner Brothers Records, 1985

The old Commander, once known as George Fraim, was a one-time college shot-putter who found a better career as a beer-drinking cosmic cowboy. Fraim supercharged classic country hits such as, Smoke, Smoke, Smoke (That Cigarette!) and he loved songs about diesel trucks. Fraim and his guitarist, Bill Kirchen had a real-life hit with the Charlie Ryan song, Hot Rod Lincoln.

Extra Credit Links:

So did this early 1970's hit by Commander Cody inspire the accompanying goofy idea of jumping a rocket-powered Hot Rod Lincoln over the St. Lawrence river?

1949 Commercial for the Luxury Lincoln:

And what inspired former designer for Confederate Motorcycles and current bartender at Flanagan's Pub to make refurbish a Stinkin' Lincoln that drowned during Katrina. JT Nesbitt and his French Quarter crew gave the car an encore as a long-shot at breaking the land speed record at Bonneville last year.

My three wishes are:

1. Comus doesn't parade again this year
2. Bourbon Street's Razzle Dazzle team moves to San Antonio instead of the Saints.
3. The crime cameras and the red light cameras change places

It can't be a contest without the small type so here goes:

The ideal song contains lyrics that match the week's theme and feature New Orleans or South Louisiana music or performers doing roots music – R&B, blues, jazz, doo wop, rockabilly, etc. It should fit within the WWOZ sound (which you probably understand better than our human judge) however, what typically happens is you get a good song in your head and then use all kinds of goofy links to make the connection to New Orleans or the theme. Extra kudos for submissions with a description or link to video and the judges are suckers for audio snippets from corny movies, television shows, or goofy politicians. (Where are you gonna find the latter around here?) You're not going to really win anything and the wishes are as reliable as a Jackson Square palm reader.

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