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Music calender

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Maybe its just me but, seems like y'alls live music calender has gotten weaker over the past two web site up-dates. And hay, ifs thats all one can gripe about things are really pretty good. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Pete

Weaker ? ? ? How?

Weaker??? in what way?

I would love some input from anyone. I enter the items that are emailed to and I try to get them all in within a day of reciept. Having a real-life and a job does limit me sometimes but I don;t get behind to very often.

I have built a library of bios and pictures to include in the web page listing, something we never had before.

The volume of emails and the quantity of listing has increased significantly since 2006. I seem to ad a new venue every few days. It has become necessary to "edit" the announcememt for time due to the number of items on the web page.

If you have any suggestions I would be gald to listen and if they help I will include them. I you would like to volunteer to help with the data entry, I will bend down and kiss your toes....

May All Your Blues Be On The Radio....

Big D

Opps, My apologies. I

Opps, My apologies. I shouldn't speak of what I dont konw. I thought y'all sought out information to list.

The Closing of every LiveWire is......

The WWOZ Livewire is brought to you at the top of each odd hour. For an expanded listing visit our web site WWOZ(dot)ORG.

To get your gig into the Livewire music calendar e-mail

Now get out there and support and enjoy some live local music!!!

May All Your Blues Be On The Radio.... D


Dear Music Calender,

What is the criteria for listing events in the calender? Is it simply a matter of space or do certain venues and acts receive priority? Pre-Katrina it seemed like all you had to do was send an e-mail and the listing turned up on-air.

The reason I ask is that I'm currently curating (with Jesse Mcbride) a music series at the Rat bar on the Tulane campus. So far we've presented Clyde Kerr Jr. and Adonis Rose, and tonight we're featuring the Tulane faculty band the Professors of Pleasure, with Jesse, Geoff Clapp, Jim Markway, John Dobry, and yours truly.

I've sent notices of all these events to, but have never received confirmation, nor have the events turned up on the wire, either on-air or on-line. Am I doing something wrong here?


Only got one email

I received an email from you dated Nov 22nd about a Dec 2nd show which was listed and announced. That is the only email that was forwarded to me from the events server.

I no longer handle the Live Wire entry ( since 2/18 ), so i can not speak to any email sent after that date.

May All Your Blues Be On The Radio.... D

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