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Three events: "Wake The Dead!" and, "Digging The Jazz Life..." and, "The Feast of All Ancestors!"

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New Orleans musician and cultural activist, Esquizito invites you to a series of happenings taking place from sunset, All Hallows' Eve, thru All Saints Day, into the evening.

"In this 24 hours, those who have gone before us will be invited to rise again, walk, and dance - and do anything they would like to do again in the material world." Esquizito declares with a wry sense of reverence.

The first event, "Wake The Dead!" will take place on Halloween in the artist's home, Maison Musique [1018 Music Street in downtown New Orleans.] "We'll utilize every audio producing device that I have, as well as live musicians to create a significantly compelling vibratory atmosphere."

The second event takes place the following morning at the last home of iconic Jazz husband & wife, Danny & 'Blu' Lu Barker [1277 Sere Street, New Orleans.] The artist will be literally digging into the flood blown archive room of Danny Barker - which has languished for over five years. Esquizito asserts, "Although he has been gone for over 15 years now... including an American disaster, there is still a great story yet to be told about this American genius."

Participants for "Digging..." are asked to contribute to the process in some way and to bring their own protective gear and drinking water. "It is still a very dirty job here; New Orleans is very much 'post-Katrina'..." Esquizito quips. "The Barker family still needs help!" Work will take place from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., Monday, November 1st.

As the sun takes its set, Esquizito will take to the bandstand at the Balcony Music Club [1331 Decatur Street in the French Quater.] Beginning at 6:00 p.m., the vocalist/guitarist will be joined by the wizardly string man, Dave Easley, in two sets of exploratory Jazz.

Esquizito will perform segments of a work-in-progress featuring archival audio of Danny Barker. Entitled, "Afro-American Music: 101 - A course in Jazz" this bold endeavor examines the "Jazz life" as represented in the teachings of Mr. Barker to a group of students at Xavier University in the mid-1970's.

Esquizito has created a year-long blog chronicling his own journey in editing, interpreting, and presenting these audio archives. The artist declares, "I consider these tapes to be highly significant in the story and study of Jazz." The blog can be found at:

"This is the time of year in New Orleans when it is perfectly acceptable and encouraged to communicate with the spirit world; I want to be right up in there! Hope to see you too!"

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