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Help with a song

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There is a song I like, but can not find the person who sang it.

I apologize for this, but it goes like this:

Where y'at, where y'at. my little baby, where y'at, where y'at, where y'at, bring my baby home.....

Please help

Where y'at

Wanda Rouzan did a song called "Where Ya At"

Where Ya At? Try looking on Lloyd Price Avenue in Kenner

It's not a perfect match of your transcription but if your memory is combines lyrics like mine does then:

Where You At by Lloyd Price

might be the song you're looking for:

A refrain of the song goes:

Where yat?
Where yat?
Where yat?
Gotta find my baby,
Gotta find my baby,

Other lyrics include:

"I want someone to bring my angel home."

Mix 'these two sets of lyrics together and you've got a match.

A couple good audio collections that include this song are:

Lawdy! Lloyd Price (Charly Records - I think...)
Creole Kings of New Orleans (Specialty Records)

Videos of Lloyd Price performing:

Surprisingly one of Lloyd's non-performance efforts turned out to be a spectacular event as he was the promotor / organizer of the musical component of the Ali / Forman boxing match in Kinshasa, Zaire back in the 1970s. This amazing show has been covered in two of my favorite documentary films - When We Were Kings and the recent release called, "Soul Power."

What propelled this remarkable concert into a subject worthy of documentary treatment was not only the stunning win by Ali but also that Price had the unimaginable headache of keeping the concert together after Forman's training injury delayed the match for weeks. How do you re-schedule all these headliner stars in a distant third-world country after a concert has been delayed? It's not like you can book 'em at the local House of Blues circuit.


You can also piece together the entire movies on (When We Were Kings has music at about 6/10th of the the way through the movie).

And while you're at it, take a trip into Kenner between the Airport and the river and look up Lloyd Price Avenue.

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