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Jon Gross has been robbed

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A lot of you know Jon Gross, the Tuba player for the Loose Marbles and the Panorama Jazz Band. Unfortunately while Jon was on tour over Mardi Gras, he returned home the day of Lundi Gras to find most of his possessions stolen, including:

Gateway Laptop $800

Sweetwater Creation Station music workstation computer $2200

Tascam midi interface for above computer $150

set of 2 studio reference speakers by M-Audio $150

Boss Multi Effects bass guitar pedal $500

Computer printer Cannon Mp-350 $200

27" RCA television $350

Stainless Steel Chain Necklace that was his dad's... priceless

Schwinn Heavy Duty Bike $400

Bike Trailer $200

things like shampoo, soap, toilet paper, groceries including frozen food

They also stole his 1920's Helicon tuba and his 3/4 Tuba, however both were recovered at the Bargain Center in the Bywater.

Jon has brought so much joy to us through his talented musicianship that it would be nice to give back. He is working hard to rebuild his life, however as most of you know, the live jazz industry in New Orleans is suffering. Any small contribution or donation is greatly appreciated.

To contribute, please click on the link below.

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