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the good doctor

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You are playing a lot Mac Rebennack - fine.
Please correct me if I am wrong
but it appears you never play anything from
the 2 Bluesiana albums (see below).
Just wondered how come ?
[these are not exactly 30 years old... ;-)]

Bluesiana Triangle 1990 Windham Hill Records
a.o. Art Blakey and David 'Fathead' Newman

Bluesiana II 1991 Windham Hill Records


Anything that is pre-Dec 2005 is not available yet from our library for show hosts to play due to a storm you might remember called Katrina. Much of the library is being digitalized and will eventually be available to us, so they say. Most of us bring our own CDs. I play Doctor John on every NO show, I remember those Bluesiana CDs but never owned them.

the doctor and K

Thanks Tom,
btw I understood that the new digital library would be available already - sorry. And oh yes - on the newer pictures the usual shelves with CDs are gone. And the walls are painted blue... ;-)

But actually I only wondered (curiosity) why every other album but not those. And you are not the only one playing Dr. John.
Also I do not remember them being played before K - but that is vague.
It puzzled me that these two albums are like faded out.
Guess the 2 Bluesianas are just not as popular as the other stuff.
So I consider myself lucky that I dug them out.

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