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Lovin' 'Dat Stream!.....But Why No Talk About Impending Oil Slick Disaster?

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Wierd combo of Praise and Ponder here:
First, reporting in from Eastern Ontario Canada with HEAPS of THANKS for the Live Stream from REALLY is like a staight shot of adrenaline when we can't make it down to the Fest. The commentary of the various DJs brings it all back home in so many ways. THANK-YOU ALL VERY VERY are keeping a whole bunch of hearts singin' and feets a'swingin' up here North of the Border!
Second, and of course a MAJOR bummer, but it has been a bit surprising that I have heard no commentary about what's going on in the Gulf right now. Is it the feeling that let's get through this weekend of joy first because there is nothing to be done right now about this fresh hell anyways? Or what? Not trying to bum folks out or anything, but especially from the performers I would hope to be hearing some sense of OUTRAGE against the oil companies and government regulators that FAILED BIG TIME to insure that there were working cut-off valves! Just one more example why we have to get off this oil-based treadmill, and I guess it is NOT surprising that we haven't heard a PEEP out of Ms. Drill Baby Drill, EH????

Oil Spill

It's a very scary thing and I don't think any of us know what is going to happen and don't forget that the major sponsor of the Fest is Shell.

Shell and BP?

BELIEVE ME when I say I am FULLY aware of ths Shell prescence at the Fest! Now, let's get into that a bit. As written about over at HuffPo by Harry Shearer, this all goes back to Bush/Cheney allowing the oil industry to regulate itself (sound familiar?) back in 2001....and obviously Shell was RIGHT THERE and onboard. And the ways in which these companies are set up (cross-board directorships, intra-industry lobby groups, shared advertising regimes, etc) they might as well be ONE company.
So, what are we as Fest devotees supposed to do? Well. the FIRST thing that the Fest should consider is finding OTHER sources of funding. They could also reduce the need for so much funding by making the Fest a bit smaller. Let's face it, it has gotten a BIT too big for maximum enjoyment. So, yes, I am saying maybe it's time to reasses where the Fest is heading, and how.
What are we to do as consumers? Well we all know the drill (ouch) about reducing use, but I am hoping that both this situation and the mortgage meltdown produces a climate in our governing capitols whereby "regulation" stops being a dirty word.(and remember, I'm writing you from Canada, your #1 supplier of foreign oil....and an ungodly mess of our own to prevent/cleanup in Alberta at the Oil Sands projects.)And it is up to ALL of us to put the pressure on our elected politicians to DO THE RIGHT THING!
Now having said all that, I am having a tough time getting through the day, as I listen to all the reports coming in from the Gulf and the people who live there.....and I am groovin' on the music of Brian Blade....and I am tearin' up as I try to figure out what I can do to MAKE ALL THE B******* STOP!!! And then I hear someone being interviewed on the WWOZ livestream (sorry, didn't catch the name) who ACTUALLY made the statement to the effect that it was too bad that all this was going down in the Gulf because it would probably mean more regulation of the oil industry and "we all know that's socialism." I'm hoping he was joking, but I don't think so.

There IS something you can do!

Donate clean pantyhose which will be stuffed with hair to make booms to clean the oil spill. Go to for addresses. If you do not have unwanted pantyhose, you probably know someone who does.

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