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I just heard an awesome song, and can't figure out what its called. Someone Help Please !

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first off id like to say, ever since I found this radio station ( via itunes) I've fallen in love with it. I have since told friends and families and random strangers about this awesome discovery. Seriously I love you guys.

Anyway.. I've been listing to the Jazz fest coverage and naturally have been loving it. However I heard one song that really got stuck in my head and I've been searching all over the internet to find it .. unfortunately to no avail. So I'm turning to you guys : WWOZ listerns of the world in hope that you mihgt help me.

I can only remeber parts of the song lyrics I think it goes something like this

"oop the morning" + "ooh na nay, swing that thing"
"swing for me on mardi gra day ooh na nay sing that thing"

Anyone ?!? Any ideas, I know its not much to go by but I have hope:P.



Tootie Ma

It's by Danny Barker and called "Tootie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing." You can find it on a Baby Dodds CD called Jazz A La Creole.


This Day in Louisiana Music History

There's also a version on

There's also a version on the latest Preservation Hall Jazz Band CD with Tom Waits. It's been getting a lot of play since it was released earlier this year, so that may have been the version you heard.

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