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Don't Ask, Don't Tell Series

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Too often promoters want to clump the Lesbian and Gay community into one big market,
ignoring the needs of this unique demographic, and thus producing sub-standard events that
do not meet the needs of this minority society..At Reel World we understand that there is no “LGBT
market,” just as there is no singular “Black market.” The LGBT communities represent a broad and
dynamic variety of interests, sensitivities, preferences and priorities. Those, plus variations in geographical location, age, income, relationship status, gender, sexual identity and more, make it even mo-
re important to discover which opportunities within LGBT will help achieve our goals to promote su-
ccessful alternative lifestyle events. On April 30, 2010, the first installment, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Series…We’re Coming Out”, will be introduced to the New Orleans market, providing women in the
LGBT community with a truly distinctive Lesbian event that encompasses the flare, appetite and exclusivity this particular crowd craves. Welcome to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Series” experience!!!

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