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Share a brass pass

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Also looking for someone who can only attend the first weekend of JazzFest to share a Brasspass with me, who will be there the second weekend.

Brass pass vs weekend package

is the first time i go to the fest.

Why you prefered Brass Pass vs weekend package (this last is cheaper)

Brass Pass Benefits

While I can't speak for the original poster, you certainly get a lot of perks with a Brass Pass, and they are transferable this year, so you can simply sell or give it to someone if you're only going for a single weekend.

See our complete list of Brass Pass Benefits here:

Brass Pass share wanted 2 X 2nd weekend

Hi, I am looking to share two Brass Passes this year.
My wife and I will be attending second weekend.
Are there any first weekenders out there who are interesting in splitting the cost of two passes this year?

Share Brass Passes Need Second Weekend

I would like to share 2 (possibly 4) Brass Passes for the Second weekend of Jazz Fest. Will arrive in NOLA on Tues. May 3. Willing to pay for overnight or one day delivery. We're first timers! Thanks! contact me at

2012 Brass Pass

So excited for this Year!!!! I'm going the second weekend and want to share a brass pass. Send me an email and we can work out the exchange.


Looking for First weekend BP Split

Need 2 for 2012 First Weekend, if you are interested, email me.

Brass Pass share 2012

Looking to split 2 Brass Pass tickets to this year's Jazz Fest. My wife and I are going first weekend. Want to split with 2 people coming on second weekend. This is my fist time coming to Fest so I really don't know the drill. Contact me so we can work out details.


Brass Pass

Are you still looking for someone to share Brass Pass? We will be going second weekend but not sure if we need one or two Brass Passes.

Brass pass share-taken

My brass pass has been claimed.

Also interested in sharing two brass passes

Please let me know if you are attending the second weekend of Jazz Fest 2012 and would like to share two brass passes.

Brass Pass 2nd Weekend?

Headed to New Orleans tomorrow and looking to buy a split for the whole 2nd weekend. Please email to discuss if you have one...

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