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Share a brass pass

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Also looking for someone who can only attend the first weekend of JazzFest to share a Brasspass with me, who will be there the second weekend.

Brass pass vs weekend package

is the first time i go to the fest.

Why you prefered Brass Pass vs weekend package (this last is cheaper)

Brass Pass Benefits

While I can't speak for the original poster, you certainly get a lot of perks with a Brass Pass, and they are transferable this year, so you can simply sell or give it to someone if you're only going for a single weekend.

See our complete list of Brass Pass Benefits here:

Brass Pass share wanted 2 X 2nd weekend

Hi, I am looking to share two Brass Passes this year.
My wife and I will be attending second weekend.
Are there any first weekenders out there who are interesting in splitting the cost of two passes this year?

I would like to share 1-2

I would like to share 1-2 passes with you.
Sincerely, Kim at (662)392-2107.

Share Brass Passes Need Second Weekend

I would like to share 2 (possibly 4) Brass Passes for the Second weekend of Jazz Fest. Will arrive in NOLA on Tues. May 3. Willing to pay for overnight or one day delivery. We're first timers! Thanks! contact me at

I would like to share 1-2

I would like to share 1-2 passes with you.
Sincerely, Kim at (662)392-2107.

2012 Brass Pass

So excited for this Year!!!! I'm going the second weekend and want to share a brass pass. Send me an email and we can work out the exchange.


Looking for First weekend BP Split

Need 2 for 2012 First Weekend, if you are interested, email me.

Brass Pass share 2012

Looking to split 2 Brass Pass tickets to this year's Jazz Fest. My wife and I are going first weekend. Want to split with 2 people coming on second weekend. This is my fist time coming to Fest so I really don't know the drill. Contact me so we can work out details.


Are you going this year?

Are you going this year?

Share Brass Passes for the second weekend

HI Bryan -
Are you still looking to share 2 Brass Passes with someone on the second weekend? I would take one or both for the second weekend if they are still available. My oldest best friends and I have been meeting at Jazz Fest for each of the last 16 years, and would love to arrange Brass Pass again for this year.

If one or both of these are available, please email me at, or call me on my cell phone at 978-828-3000, or let me know how you would like to communicate. If it would help, please feel free to check my LinkedIn at

Thank you,
Steve Lishansky

Brass pass share-taken

My brass pass has been claimed.

Also interested in sharing two brass passes

Please let me know if you are attending the second weekend of Jazz Fest 2012 and would like to share two brass passes.

Brass Pass 2nd Weekend?

Headed to New Orleans tomorrow and looking to buy a split for the whole 2nd weekend. Please email to discuss if you have one...

I will share it with

I will share it with you.
Sincerely, Kim at (662)392-2107.

Brass Pass 2016

I am looking to share 2 Brass Passes for 2016, not sure on the weekend most likely the second weekend next year. We went the first weekend this year. Let me know what you want and we can go from there.

Need brass pass(es) for weekend two 2016 Jazz Fest

Hi Tracy - please see my posting below yours. I'm sure I can get one of my buddies to go in with me to share two first weekend passes if you decide to go that weekend; we are going weekend two. Thanks!

Need brass pass(es) for weekend two 2016 Jazz Fest

I would love to share a brass pass with someone going to weekend one in 2016, since I am going to weekend two. I may be able to share with more than one person, since I am going to weekend two with a group and some other folks in it may want to share a brass pass, as well!

(2) Brass Pass Split 2016, Me: Weekend 2, You: Weekend 1

I have (2) brass passes for 2016. I'm going the second weekend.. I'll give them to you for the first weekend for $227.35/ea. Same exact price as buying at the gate, and you'll get re-admission and refreshments, etc.

Email me at md AT net-central DOT com if you are going the First Weekend. First person to want both will get priority. We can use PayPal for the transaction, we'll split fees so you can use a credit card and have the fraud protection. Happy to exchange copies of Driver's Licenses, etc. No western union, no international wires, etc. You'd pick up at WillCall and would have to drop them with a friend of mine on Sunday in New Orleans after you left the fairgrounds.



Brass Pass wanted for 2016 either or both wknds

If you have a Brass Pass to share for 2016 or need to sell one please contact me. I am looking for either or both weekends. Driving in from St. Lou on Thursday April 21st.
Send text or call Three-one-four-805-5061
email at gardner2ea @ gmail dot com

St. Louis Blues, Missouri

1st Wknd Jazz Fest attendee

Hello! I am only attending Jazzfest the first weekend. Still in need of sharing Brass Pass?

Share the Brass Pass

Hi thiryova -
I am definitely looking to share the Brass Pass the second weekend!

Would it work to speak - you can reach me at 978-828-3000 (my cell phone) between 10:45 and 11 am EDT, or after 11:30 am EDT.

My name is Steve Lishansky, and my personal email is

Thank You!

Anyone looking to share their Brass Pass?

Sorry for the confusion, all. I am looking for a Brass Pass, as I do not have one. I am going the first weekend and wondering if anyone is looking to share theirs with a first weekender. Let me know! Thanks.

Yes, Thiryova I still need a Brass Pass

Thiryova, If you have a Brass Pass to sahre for 2nd weekend please contact me. I arrive in NOLA on Thursday April 21st and plan to attend both wknds. three-one-four-805-5061 or email: gardner2ea @

Need 2 Brass passes for 2nd Jazz Fest weekend - will take one

I need 2 brass passes for second Jazz Fest weekend.

Just give me a call. 479-283-4795 Steve

Brass Passes

Would like to share one or two Brass Passes for second weekend. If you have one or two available please contact me at either or 608-873-5956. I'm quite reliable and can be checked out on Facebook or LinkedIn. Will arrive in NOLA on Monday for Piano Night.

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