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WWOZ/Jazz Fest Foundation NORTH SHORE activities?

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Since moving to the Northshore the year before Katrina, I have been luckily located where the signal from OZ is strong, and of course, I can always listen on the web. But I feel a great lack of live music events-- without cover bands, and to make things worse, no one but a handful of friends know that WWOZ exists! Has OZ or the Jazz Festival Foundation ever considered sponsoring any weekend concerts, evening musical performances or any sort of cultural activities like we have in New Orleans in the weeks before Jazz Festival? Any time of the year would be great, of course. Slidell is only 30 miles away from Congo Square, but you'd think it was a galaxy apart.

Northshore Music Listening

As a showhost who lives on the northshore in a "bad spot" where the OZ signal does not reach except on certain "good" days. Most days, I get 90.7 'Red River Radio' from Alexandria rather than 'OZ.

Just after the "K-bitch's" visit, music on the NS was begining to thrive with several clubs and resturants bringing NOLA acts over to perform as well as the local bands and artists. The suffering economy seems to have put that to an early end. There are some that are still trying but without the support of people to come out and listen they are having a hard go of it.

Support the music and it will grow, ignore it and it will go away.....

Ruby's is always a great place.
Howlin Wolf is a star at bringing in the NOLA music for the younger set and some more traditional music for us old folks as well.
Palmettos in Slidell has great music every weekend and it is a more sedate atmosphere for listening.
Covington Farmers Market has live music every Saturday morning.
Mandeville Trailhead market offers music quite often.
Green Room and The Tap Room in Covinton are hoping most weekend nights as well.

These venues are less and less mentioned in the "Live Wire" but they are still bring the music to the Northshore for us to enjoy.

May All Your Blues Be On The Radio.... D

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