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Body Art at Jazz Fest?

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I was wondering WHY Jazz Fest organizers refuse to allow body arts at their event? I was told (the first time) it had to do with insurance. Once I stated that I have my own insurance (1mil. gen liab.) I was told that it's just not the kind of "thing" they want at Jazzfest?

WHY? I'm not talking anything permanent, I am talking, face painting, Henna Body art and Temporary tattoos.

Anyone have a reasonable answer?

I think that the body arts in particular are a great thing for folks of all ages from all walks of life, and Jazzfest would be a great place to get that kind of crowd!

just curious!

painting yourself

Could it be that the average for Jazz Fest is probably 48 and that painting yourself whether permanently or temporarily is not where these folks heads are at. The average age of the folks at Jazz Fest making those decisions is probably closer to 55 or 60. Maybe Voodoo fest is a better fit. Do your parents have tattoos?

response to painting yourself

I would agree with you except for one thing, my parents are not 55 or 60, they're 77+ and no, they never got tattooed. Mom DID paint her nails, adorn her body with jewels and make get the idea.

I however, at 48 years old have PLENTY of ink! With plans of getting more, I see your issue on age and marking the skin as kind of irrelavent. How many old folks have tattoos? Bro, check the internet, you WILL suprise yourself!

The use of bodily adornment, wether permanent or not, in human cultures goes back THOUSANDS of years. I dont see humanity today as being any different! Just more educated and hence, a little more open minded.

I started doing henna before I was 30, and it seemed/seems to be a GREAT alternative to permanent marking, for some people. I dont see the Jazzfest crowd as being any different in that regard.

The perspective I tend to come from is not one of "age" approptirate (as PLENTY of my clientele is over 45 years of age.) but that of "why not, it's all the artwork and NONE of the commitment! Fine art, on demand, customized for YOU, something special to remind you of the event you got it at...for weeks!

Are you saying that folks at Jazzfest are too "old" to have fun other than musically? hmmmmmmmmmm.

jazz fest mind set


You make some good points but JazzFest doesn't make any move quickly. I am not saying that JazzFesters are "too old" for anything other than music. Look at the amount of art that is bought at the Fairgrounds. The people that you are trying to convince are not a tattoo crowd, I don't think. Gretna Fest might be another better venue. As to specialized art to remind me of Fest, I buy Haitian art and it lasts a lot longer. IMHO, there is nothing uglier than a beautiful woman with tattoos up her arms and around her neck. That is my own opinion, I just like the look of beautiful untouched skin and have never seen a tattoo or temp tattoo that makes me think she is more beautiful, maybe it's my age, maybe it is the era I was brought up in, but I am too old to change in that regard as I expect many at Jazzfest that you are trying to convince. I wouldn't take it personal, there are many things that Jazzfest won't allow that make no sense. I try and save my energy for battles that I know can be won. Good luck and if I see you out there at a booth maybe I'll get that henna design on my hand, just to try it out.

painting skin at jazzfest, redeux

Ok, you are totally entitled to your opinion, as I am mine! I will not take it personally that you think inked women are "ugly".
IMHO, you just seem uneducated about beautiful women, tattoo'd nor not!
Either way, I was really inquiring to the festival organizers that beautiful art can be supplied ON DEMAND, that is for the self, the body, mind and spirit!

I hope to see ya there, and would be honored if you let me put henna on you, it may change your mind! If you are interested, come check me, my art out at my website:
Regardless, have a great winter!

Time consumed????

For me personally it would be a matter of time. My Jazz Frest schedule is filled every day I am there and I am there every day the gates are open. Taking time from that schedule to have some ink done would not be high on my priorities. I go to Jazz fest for MUISC, Food, Frineds, Heritage/culture. If I want another tattoo I will go when I am not paying to get in the gate.

May All Your Blues Be On The Radio.... D

time consumed?

I never said anything about tattoos. I said TEMPORARY body art, such as TEMPORARY tattoos, face painting and HENNA body art! The outdoor environment of any festival would not be a sanitary enough place to even consider tattoing there.


I guess I confused your post with the comments....

I would agree that "tempoary" items would be very fitting to fest...

May All Your Blues Be On The Radio.... D


Since you agree that TEMPORARY body art would be a cool thing at Jazzfest, how about you contacting the promoters and telling THEM the same thing?

If I can convince people here that it would be a beautiful, fun idea to have temporary body arts there, we collectively, can possibly change their minds about it!

Jazzfest is an ever changing thing, with the new musicians and artists always being showcased each year, why not showcase a different concept in Art as well? It can be called, Fine art on demand!

.............Sounds cool as jazz to me!


JHF Listen to me.

I can not even get them to consider great local blues bands for the fest schedule, why would they listen to me about such a far ranging subject as this. (sarcastic comment).

If my opinion would mean anything I would be glad to lend my support.

May All Your Blues Be On The Radio.... D

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