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How is everyone recovering after Gustav. I am in NH now at my other house. My house in Slidell is allmost finished.


My story with Gustov is a strange one. I ended up with two dogs for a while because of the storm. A friend and I were planning to leave Sunday evening, and he said he'd call when he's ready. Never did. When I called HIM, he was up in Northern Louisiana at a shelter and I was in town. Meanwhile, a neighbor had left his dog behind and the dog was running around in the streets of the Lower 9. NOT a good place for him with the water creeping up on the levees! I stuck around and took care of the little pit bull until the owner came back two weeks later.

I'm doing pretty well as I came up here doing relief work after Katrina, alot of it animal rescue and some stuff with Common Ground for a time. Never thought I'd stay here ... but I think the Spirits of Congo Square beckoned me or something. I'm a musician and singer, and no one ever warned me New Orleans is like a magnet if you're into music. You just might end up getting STUCK on it! So here I am three years later with a job and sometimes gigs too. Jamming and working my way through life. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

Lynn Magnuson
New Orleans, LA.

I feel you... It's

I feel you... It's heartbreaking to see animals left behind and all the devastation, but the spirit of this place is like no other and can really grab you. We're glad you're still here! (And that there's still a "here" to be in!)

Still in the Big Easy ....


Thanks for the support. I never expected to be here three years after Katrina, but here I am. I came up here originally to help out after that storm because I'm trained in emergency communications and water rescue. Things sort of continued from there ...

First, I got a job at a pizza joint on the West Bank delivering pizzas in Algiers ... navigating around with a GPS I'd bought because alot of the road signs were down. Then, there was a couple of other jobs. Finally I ended up working at the Superdome where I'm still employed part time. Been an interesting three years.

When the musicians started to come home, that was it! They were SO friendly and warm even to newcomers and musicians who were NOT well known, like me, that I was really drawn to this place. People like Charmaine Neville and John Boutte were encouraging me to continue with my music and generally saying positive things to me about it. These are the sorts of people I like to have around me.

In summary, New Orleans has provided me with some of the most positive experiences of my life despite the devastation that came through here just three years ago! I had never expected to become a resident. The original plan had been to stay maybe two or three months to help Common Ground and a couple of other groups trying to help with rebuilding. What happened as a love affair with a destroyed city and I became a part of one of the most unique cultures on the planet. All because I'm a musician!

Lynn in New Orleans

P.S. Next gig: Acoustic folk, blues and gospel. I'm playing at the Neutral Ground Coffeehouse on January 20th, 2009 at 7PM. The Neutral Ground is located at 5110 Danneel Street. Come on out and enjoy some mellow music :)

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