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arkansas songs

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Hay you music mavens out there,

Here in the wilds of the North Cascades mountains we get what we call "summer people". One of these is a professor at Hendrix college in Arkansas and he is compiling a list of songs that either have Arkansas in the title or in the lyrics or are Arkansascentric. All I have been able to add to his list is Funky Arkansas by John Mooney.
If anyone can add titles and band/musician/cd/vinyl it would be greatly appreciated. Does not have to be original artist. Below is what he has so far-
Thanks! elmo

Arky Songs (so far)

song artist CD

Funky Arkansas John Mooney Gone To Hell
Vancouver Reckless Kelley Under The Table & ...
Mary's Kitchen Old Crow Medicine Show Tennessee Pusher
Banks of The Arkansas Lucero Lucero
Tennessee Stud Gillian Welch Live At Hendrix (bootleg)
Bears Lyle Lovett Step Into This House
Tom Ames' Prayer Robert Earl Keen (REK) Gringo Honeymoon
Shades of Gray REK Picnic
Little Rock and Roller Steve Earle Guitar Town
What I Really Mean REK What I Really Mean
Tom Ames' Prayer Steve Earle Train A Comin
Ben McColloch ditto ditto
That's Right Lyle Lovett The Road To Ensenada
Bad Liver and a Broken Heart Hayes Carll Trouble
Faulkner Street Hayes Carll ditto doesn't use the word Arkansas but Faulkner Street is two streets over from my house and I'll bet it was written in "The White House", which is a haven for misbehavin' college students.


There is a pseudo-blues written by Anton Lada and Spencer Williams called the Arkansas Blues.



Thanks Tom !
and a special thanks for posting the way cool picture.

one of my

one of my favorites:

Arkansas Hard Luck Blues by Lonnie Glosson

Possibly the funniest song recorded about the Great Depression

Hey Elmo

I just want to tell my fellow DJs that, even though Elmo lives in Washington state, he is a SERIOUS 'OZ listener and supporter. He listens to 'OZ more that the locals and has many, many of our shows in his ipod.

Hey Elmo, and good luck with your project.

arkansas songs

Hard to believe that nobody (this means you, Dimitri) has mentioned The Arkansas Traveler. Written in the 1850's, Arkansas state song for a time, a classic fiddle tune. I've heard multiple versions over the years, but the only artist I clearly remember hearing perform it is Pete Seeger, on the banjo(!).

arkie songs

Thanks everybody ! The list is really getting refined now!

Hay Mr. Mold-thanks for the shout-actually I have boatloads of boxes filled with cassette tapes from some of the great music played on 'OZ-
what's an i-pod ? (;>)

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